Dish, anonymous, c. 1740 - c. 1760 Canvas Print

Dish, anonymous, c. 1740 - c. 1760 Canvas Print

Octagonal porcelain plate, painted on the glaze in blue, red, pink, green, yellow, purple, black and gold. On the shelf two men and two women in an enclosed garden with rocks, trees and flowering plants, a scene from the ( ). On the wall and edge the arms of the families Boynton and Topham surrounded by flower vines. The coat of arms is divided into four compartments: 1. and 4. three birds and a red twill on a black background; 2. and 3. three crescents and a red band on a gold background. The helmet sign is a springbok on a helmet. Under the coat of arms a banderole with the inscription 'VIRTUS RADIX HONORIS'. Also on the edge loose flower sprays. Old label on the bottom with 'Boynton Collection/ no. 1029'. Weapon porcelain with enamel colours.

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