Dressing of the nudes, Philips Galle, 1577 Canvas Print

Dressing of the nudes, Philips Galle, 1577 Canvas Print

The dressing of the nudes as the third of the seven works of mercy. The performance is set in an architectural frame with arch. Above, in cartouche, the title. In the foreground, some arms are provided with clothing. On the second plan, on the left, in a room, the revival of Tabitha by Peter; on the right, in landscape, the preaching of John the Baptist and, in the background, the homecoming of the prodigal son. In the frame on the left a prophet with text from Isaiah 58 and Ezekiel 18; right Tobit with text from Tobit 4 about giving alms. In the four extreme corners scenes from the O.T. and N.T. that refer to the dressing of the nudes: Adam and Eve are driven out of Paradise and given clothing from God the Father; Joseph gives new clothes to his brothers, Tobit gives alms to the poor; Jonathan gives his cloak, his robe and his bow and arrow to David as a sign of covenant. With explanatory texts from O.T. and N.T. Under the performance four lines of Latin. This print is part of a series of prints of the works of mercy (consisting of a title page and seven numbered prints).

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