Fashion News, A.B. Duhamel (possibly), 1791 Canvas Print

Fashion News, A.B. Duhamel (possibly), 1791 Canvas Print

Woman, seen from the side, according to the accompanying text dressed in a gown of green satin. Around the waist a red/white striped belt with fringes at the ends. The cuffs trimmed with a 'parement à la Houssarde'. A striped fichu covers the neck. Coiffure 'à la Cavallière' on which a 'bonnet à la paysanne' of white gaze, with red piping and black kokarde. The print is the left half of the 3rd cahier, 2e année, of the fashion magazine Journal de la Mode et du Goût ou amusemens du salon et de la toilette, Paris, 25 February 1790- 1 April 1793.

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