Front hall seen to the east in 1893, 1893 Canvas Print

Front hall seen to the east in 1893, 1893 Canvas Print

Front hall seen from the west with right the entrance to the hall of fame. In the middle in front of the entrance is a plaster from 'Victoria'. The walls still lack the decorative paintings that adorned the compartments from 1900 onwards. Fields in walls not yet painted. Other decoration clearly visible. Layout walls by richly decorated bands and frieze, in arched field with medallions, in frieze initials of King William III and Queen Emma. Richly decorated (plaster) frieze, on the side of the Gallery of Honour very shiny (gold leaf?) Partition wall to stairwell in tower II has masonry pattern alternating a three rows of brick (small) and a layer of natural stone (large). Floor granito, mosaic Vault: Fields white, with asterisks, decorated ribs. Walls: "The walls are divided into a number of compartments by painted bands, in which the initials of King William III and Queen Emma appear and some emblems appear, intended for scenes from the history of the Dutch people and for images of famous artists." (Stuers p. 33, fig 36 fig 2 and 50 fig 1) Floor: 'The by Joh. Odoricio in Frankfurt a. Main with Italian workmen executed mosaic decoration of the floor is, as well as the mosaic floors in the other rooms, designed by Dr. P.J.H. Cuypers. It shows in the middle box the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End; around it the teans of the Zodiac, the months of the year, the four rivers of Paradise: Physon, Gibon, Tigris, and Euphrates; furthermore, the Sun, the Moon and the planets Jupiter and Venus, surrounded by stars. ..... The left side pocket has in the middle the Time, around which Tomorrow, Afternoon, Acond and Night and in the corners the four Ages: Child, Young, Male and Grey-earthed. The right side roof shows the four elements in the middle and the four Seasons in the corners. .... etc ' (De Stuers p. 32, 33, figs. 13 B and C)

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