Hall of Fame seen after the RembrandtZaal in 1898, 1898 Canvas Print

Hall of Fame seen after the RembrandtZaal in 1898, 1898 Canvas Print

The hall of fame with at the end the night watch room. in this photo are still missing the decorative paintings, which from 1900 adorned the compartments above the cabinets. In the cabinets hung 17th-century paintings. Hall of fame with adjacent cabinets, seen to the south. The decoration pattern as designed by Cuypers is not yet fully elaborated here. The paintings of Georg Sturm have not yet been applied in the arched fields above the cabinets. The open keystones of the vaults 'bring in a sparse light, so that the lighting of the four lateral halls on each side of the gallery and the Rembrandt room shines more powerfully' (De Stuers p.34) Cuypers used a combination of stone vaults and columns with wrought iron beams for the construction. In the decoration of the beams, assembled from drawn and forged iron, the construction is taken as a starting point. 'Flanges and rivets' are part of the decoration pattern. Granito floor with mosaic, for pattern see De Stuers afb. 12 fig B. The difference in level between the gallery and the cabinets is leveled in 1925.

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