Iron Age, Hendrick Goltzius (workshop of), 1728 Canvas Print

Iron Age, Hendrick Goltzius (workshop of), 1728 Canvas Print

Imagination of life during the Iron Age. In the foreground the god Mars with a squire. In front of him lie and stand a flaming torch, a cannon and bullets, weapon gloves, a signal trumpet and a drum. In the landscape behind Mars, there is violence and crime. Someone is stabbed to death and there is a fight. Someone is hanging from a gallows at the back left. Surveyors are also busy dividing the ground into pieces. At the bottom left, the treasures from the earth, such as gold, are taken away in wheelbarrows. Lady Justice is the last to leave God in the upper right corner of the earth that is besmirched with crime. Below the performance two lines of verse in Latin. The print is part of an album.

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