Iron hunting sword, anonymous, 1450 - 1499 Canvas Print

Iron hunting sword, anonymous, 1450 - 1499 Canvas Print

Hilt with wide blade rod that forms a continuation of the clingschouder and that ends asymmetrically at the top in a widening with an upward curling protrusion in front (resembles a silhouette of a bird's head with beak). Along the edges run two vertical grooves that continue along the upper end. On either side of the blade rod a set of grip plates of horn, both secured to the sting by means of three rivets consisting of hollow brass tubes. At the ends downward curved pareers' rod, rectangular in diameter and thicker in the middle, namely where the blade rod has to pass. Double-edged blade of flattened-hexagonal cross-section with central trench continuously up to 305 mm from the pareerstang. Noticed.

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