Oil and vinegar set, Wijnand Warneke (attributed to), 1767 Canvas Print

Oil and vinegar set, Wijnand Warneke (attributed to), 1767 Canvas Print

The set consists of a silver holder, two bottles of colorless cut glass and a silver pepper can. The bottom has a round, arched elevation in the middle, topped by a leaf-shaped, profiled knob. It rests on four leaf-shaped legs. The equal, open-worked walls in which the bottles fit are mounted on the two rounded ends. They are constructed above a profiled bottom edge from C-volutes with seed beads, which form cartouches. The cartouches on the front and back contain flowers; in those at the ends, a blade of the same model as the legs is attached. The walls are connected at the top by tied ribbons that change at the front and back into C-shaped, branch-like ears, which grip at the bottom. A spiral and three volutes rise from the center of the snares. The volutes merge into three widely spreading tree branches with birds, which together form the cylindrical wall of the holder of the pepper can. The round, flat bottom of that container is attached to the inside of the branches. The (English) bottles of colorless, faceted cut glass for oil and vinegar have pointed stoppers. The twisted, pear-shaped pepper can has a profiled, constricted foot and a loose, openwork lid. The body is surrounded at the top, where it slightly flares, by a profile edge. It is engraved with flower branches descending from seed beads. The lid is crowned by a bird on a leaf. All parts are cast except for the bottom of the holders.

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