Sadness, Raphael Sadeler (I), 1592 Canvas Print

Sadness, Raphael Sadeler (I), 1592 Canvas Print

In the foreground is a half-naked young woman sitting in front of a cave. She is the personification of Sadness and holds her hands folded up. Around her four animals: owl, snake, rat and a howling dog. On the left of the middle plan a woman with a snake's head who ate a heart (the personification Anger/Invidia) and a devil with a snake in both hands (the personification Envy/Zelotypia). To the right of the middle plan is a woman with a dagger in her chest (the personification Despair/Desperatio) and a praying woman (Complaint/Commiseratio). In the background the siege of a city (left) and a shipwreck (right). With Latin explanation in caption. The third print of a four-part series on negative human characteristics.

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