Stadhoudersstoel, anonymous, 1768 Canvas Print

Stadhoudersstoel, anonymous, 1768 Canvas Print

Stadholder's chair of walnut, gilded and covered with green velvet with silver trimmed. The chair rests on angled S-shaped legs, which pass into the seat window without interruption. At the foot they are decorated with acanthus leaf, above the swelling with flower branches, as well as the scalloped sitting rules. The armrests have cushions, recede outwards and end in volutes. The armrest struts are placed backwards, emerge from the seat window and pass S-shaped into the armrests. The back window is scalloped on four sides and decorated with flower and leaf branches. Profile frames interrupted by small volutes border the furniture in its contour. The chair comes with a loose, green velvet cushion with silver trim, and a footstool (BK-AM-25-A-2).

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