Vase, Frans Zwollo (I), 1900 Canvas Print

Vase, Frans Zwollo (I), 1900 Canvas Print

The low, rejuvenating base of the round vase is decorated with an engraved band of stylized leaf motifs. On this rests the vase, which is made up of a convex body and a high, slightly constricted neck. The body is divided at its widest point into six oval lobes, each decorated with a stylized floral pattern on a punched background. In the middle of each floral pattern is a turquoise. Under this edge of six lobes, six peacocks, seen from the front, are shown. They are separated by flowers. Above the lobe edge there are alternately three masks and three dragonflies. This richly ornamented part curls over at the top, forming an ear above each dragonfly. By means of realistically displayed nails and even series of holes as before the closure of a buckle, the illusion of curling leather is created in this zone reminiscent of rolling work. From this rises the slender neck, which is characterized by a pronounced hammer blow structure. Just below the narrowest part, the neck is decorated with three turquoise and above it, just below the smooth lip edge, with an edge of six bulges.

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