Verhuisdag in Amsterdam, 1831, anonymous, 1830 - 1831 Canvas Print

Verhuisdag in Amsterdam, 1831, anonymous, 1830 - 1831 Canvas Print

Cartoon on the troubles surrounding a move in Amsterdam on 1 May. The new residents of a canal house, Doctor Urinaal and his wife Griet, want to move into their new home, but the previous residents, the Naturalibus family, are not yet finished with moving their belongings. When it starts the rains doctor Urinal indicates with his watch that it is already twelve o'clock and that according to old-Dutch law the house should have been delivered empty. Monsieur Soupirant, the young friend of the daughter freule Wip, gets angry and punches the old man, causing him to fall to the ground. Mrs. Naturalibus has to be taught with quick salt, son Jantje has to cry and hides in his mother's skirts. Behind the mother among the things is the servant Jockey. Movers are busy hoarding things out of the house and loading a barge into the canal. To the left of this, another barge awaits with the stuff of Doctor Urinal. With a line caption: "It is 12 o'clock, you understand, Mr. Windmaker; with the Rommel out the door!!! Old Dutch reigns."

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