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24x36 Canvas Prints

24 x 36 canvas print

24 x 36 canvas print

A time honored staple, the classic 24x36 canvas print turns your living room into an art gallery in seconds.

Why are these canvases so sought after in both the modern art world and home decor? You can hang it in a smaller space for it to be the star of the show, or add it to a larger wall space for it to be an eye-catching, but not too attention demanding addition to your home decor style!

Also, with our cotton blended canvas, your photos will be printed with stunning, rich colors, and tack sharp details! Even images taken using today’s modern smartphones will look incredible printed at this size! 

Don’t forget to share your new canvas with us on Instagram to get a free gift card, so you can grow your canvas collection and wow all your guests this year!