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30 x 15 Canvas

30 x 15 canvas

30 x 15 canvas

Everyone loves panoramas! We’ve all seen a breathtaking wide-angle photograph printed onto an incredible, large canvas. However, if you want to create something even more unique, consider a vertical panorama, like a 30 x 15 Canvas! While unusual in shape, a tall and skinny canvas can be an accent piece in your home decor that might just break some necks and start plenty of conversations! 

At a unique and unusual aspect ratio of 1:2, it can be difficult to select the right photo and place to hang a 30 x 15 canvas print. However, when done with intent, the results are incredible! Have you recently been to the city, craning your neck up at the skyscrapers? Or have you taken a walk through the woods, admiring the trees as the light filters through the leaves?

These types of photos are well suited for these types of prints, with their long vertical leading lines! Not sure if your photo would work well? Just upload it and play around with our easy-to-use canvas editor! 

No matter what size canvas you order, it’ll be backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. Featuring premium, American-made materials, and constructed with care by our many skilled craftsmen here in Asheville, NC, we’re sure that you won’t be able to take your eyes off your new canvas!