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Triptych Canvas Prints

Triptych Canvas Prints

Triptych Canvas Prints

We’d be remiss if we didn’t at least give one of our most exciting products the spotlight for a day! Check out our unforgettable triptych canvas prints today and reimagine your living room in minutes. 

A canvas triptych consists of 3 separate vertical canvases that all work together to display a single, breathtaking image. This style of printing originates from Medieval times, as a way to more easily transport large religious artworks, but today it has found a solid foothold in the modern art world.

A triptych is a great way to add some extra character and flair to a single photo that you love! 

Canvas triptychs are some of the most fun prints that we create, that’s why we offer them in 4 variations. Check out our Classic Flow triptych, which makes the middle canvas a bit taller, and makes the presentation even a bit more dramatic.

If you’re thinking about filling up a good chunk of wall space with one of your favorite photos, a canvas triptych can help you do that and then some!

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