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10 Tips For Photographing Your Kids

Pictures For Kids

Pictures For Kids

School is out for the summer and warmer weather has arrived, which means your kids are back to being outside with friends, playing in their first t-ball games, and making a splash in the pool. Let’s face it, snapping photos of fast moving subjects like your kids is hard, even for the professionals!

However, we know that you want to capture these special moments so your family can remember the times that the little ones were still little! We’ve put together a quick guide to help you take good pictures of your kids and come up with photo ideas during their summer activities!

How To Take Good Photographs Of Kids

1. Get On Their Level 

You and everyone else sees their kids from above almost all the time. Bending your knees and getting down to eye level with your kids can help you enter their world, and perceive the world as they do. This will also help your child be comfortable with the camera and be more receptive to being photographed.

2. Burst Mode

When it comes to kids that are always on the move, burst mode is your friend! Whether you're using your smartphone or a dedicated camera, you can probably shoot around 5-10 frames per second! So don’t be afraid to shoot to your heart's content, and choose your favorite photos later. This will help you capture those fleeting moments and funny faces. 

3. Use Scale 

Especially if your kids are still little, using a scale to show their size can be a fun way to create a compelling photograph of your kid. One of the best examples is to photograph your small child in a big couch or armchair, or you can take your kids to a large field and have them play in the grass. 

4. Embrace Selfies 

Are selfies corny? Sure, but they’re also an easy way to simply capture both you and your child and all of the emotions that you share together. Kids might be hesitant to always take selfies with their parents, so use this method sparingly, and time them when your child is in a good mood and willing to be photographed.

5. Always Keep Your Phone / Camera On You

The simplest way to capture a great moment is to simply always have a way to capture it! These days, almost everyone is walking around with incredible cameras in their pockets in the form of cell phones, and new dedicated cameras are becoming lighter and even sometimes pocketable!

6. Be Ready & Steady 

When you’re chasing your kids around, it’s easy to get caught up in the action and move around with them. However, a shaky camera will almost always result in blurry pictures. Instead, try to anticipate their movements and keep your camera steady, and make sure to utilize burst mode when they run past! 

7. Use Props

Bringing props into the picture can help bring some extra interest to the photograph and even keep your kids a bit more entertained while taking some photos of them. When photographing older kids, using props that are meaningful to them, like something from their favorite sport or hobby can make for photographs that they love. 

8. Use Soft Light

Almost all photographers will tell you that they love to take portraits in either the early morning or late afternoon. This is because sunlight at those times is much softer and indirect, which is what’s responsible for creating dreamy, golden light. Taking good photos of kids is harder during the middle of the day, when the sunlight is harsh and direct. Try taking your kids out for a walk just before sunset to capture moments with that dreamy feel. 

9. Use Portrait Mode

Most current smartphones have an incredible feature that allows you to recreate the look of professional portraiture with just your phone. Portrait mode allows you to take photos with a soft and blurry background which in the past was something only achievable with big cameras and expensive lenses. Using portrait mode puts more emphasis on the subject and will make your kid stand out even more in your photos. 

10. Have Fun!

The best thing you can do to take good photographs of your kids is to simply keep it fun! Monitor your kids' mood and make sure that they are having a good time. You’ll know when your kid is just over being photographed. Pictures that are taken reluctantly just wont turn out as well as ones when everyone is happy to be there. 

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