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Give A Thoughtful, Personalized Wedding Gift With Canvas Prints

Canvas Wedding Gifts
Canvas Wedding Gifts

Finding the right wedding gift can feel like an almost impossible task. If you really want to find something that the couple will like, just picking something off the registry that they probably won’t use can feel a little disingenuous. 

If you don’t want your wedding gift to find its way into the attic or basement, only to collect dust for years to come, you’ll be happy to find at, you can create a wedding gift that the newlyweds can cherish forever.

Gift buying expert Scott Pierson says “couples getting married get a lot of gifts, and I know from personal experience that a lot of those gifts will probably end up on a shelf in the garage or attic.” 

If you want your gift to be one that stands out from the crowd, Pierson suggested “Just listen to people when they talk about things that they like, things that mean something to them. And then keep that in mind for when gift-buying time rolls around”. 

Pierson also recommends finding a gift that is thoughtful and personal. For a wedding gift, what better gift is there than to help a newly married couple remember their big day, forever.  “One of the most beautiful things we got for our wedding was a photo [of me and my husband] together, mounted on canvas,” he said. “That photo hangs above the bed in our bedroom, and every day I see it, and every day it is a reminder of what was one of the best and most beautiful days in our lives.

Canvas Wedding Gifts

Pierson eloped with his husband in Connecticut, one of the only states where it was legal at the time. Just him, his husband, and a photographer, they were able to finally tie the knot. “My sister got one of those photos from our wedding and had it made into a canvas print. It was super thoughtful. She even had part of our wedding vows included on the canvas, and that was something that added that special, personal touch that made it mean even more.” Pierson said. 

Canvas photo prints are an extremely easy and affordable gift to give, but also have an emotional and personal touch that the happy couple in your life will always appreciate. All it takes is just a few clicks and you’ll have a ready to hang, gallery quality canvas print, that will allow them to relive one of the happiest moments of their lives, day after day. 

Canvas Wedding Gifts

“A wedding is a celebration of the love between two people. You want to give them a gift that reflects that.” specializes in creating physical reminders of our customers' most special moments and memories, offering the best quality prints, for incredible prices. Take your gift giving game to the next level today, and give the gift of memories today!