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Unique Gifts For Dad - Knock Father’s Day Out Of The Park!

Father’s day gifts

Father’s day is coming up in just a few weeks, June 18th! All the dads out there, even the tough guys, deserve a special unique father’s day gift.

Order by June 9th for Father’s Day Delivery!

Whether your special guy is into the local football team, mastering the grill, or creating the perfect man cave setup, this list has a little something for everyone no matter how weird you think your dad is! Stick around to learn a little more about some of the best gift ideas for dad in 2023.

At, we help you create heartfelt gifts and decor that will last a lifetime, just like your favorite memories with Dad. Whether he’s been on the sidelines for every soccer game, or front row for each recital, he deserves a gift that makes every day memorable!

Canvas Prints

The classic canvas print is simply one of the best father’s day gifts this year. You can use a photo from a special memory with Dad to create a small (or big) reminder of his favorite child (you) for him to hang anywhere! Make a small but special 8-inch canvas for him to keep on his desk at the office, or go big and print a family portrait up to 60 inches wide.

Father’s day gifts

Make your dad proud by ordering a canvas made 100% in the USA, at the best prices you can find online! We use only the most premium materials, like our cotton blended canvases, water-resistant inks, and pine-wood frames. Combining these materials with our streamlined printing process allows us to provide unparalleled quality and price.

Canvas Collages

Looking for something even a bit more unique? One of the most popular products that our customers create is our canvas collages! We offer 8 varieties of collages to help you show off pictures of your favorite moments, allowing you to upload as many as 16 photos.

Available in sizes ranging from 12” x 12” to 30” x 30” you can create smaller collages to fit a tighter area of your home, or design a large attention-grabbing collage to hang proudly in your dining or living room!

Simply pick one of our collage designs and start uploading your photos into each space! An instant preview of your collage will generate right on your screen as you go! Why choose just one photo when you show all of them? Design your Father's Day gift today with a canvas collage! 

Canvas Triptychs

Canvas triptychs are a new take on displaying a single image. Canvas triptychs take one photo and divide it across three large canvases, which work together to show off a stunning, modern piece of art. Triptychs work great for displaying your favorite wide-angle photo of Dad and the kids.

Even better, we take all the guesswork out of the process. Just upload your photo, and you'll see an instant preview of your picture turned into a triptych right away. Pick from our two canvas triptych styles, and sizes up to 32” x 48” to create an attention grabbing canvas triptych that can be the centerpiece of any room in your home. 

Canvas Wall Displays

Can’t decide on a single picture? Make sure to check out our incredible canvas wall displays or collages to showcase dad's favorite moments with the whole family with up to 16 photos!

Our gift ideas for dad don’t stop there! Some of our newest products are just the thing to help make sure your Father’s day gift is the best ever this year.

Metal Prints

For example, check out our metal prints, the perfect thing to help Dad’s man cave or home gym to the next level. These modern art prints look just as sharp as your dad in his finest jean shorts. Or create a variety of custom posters to help dad deck out the garage or the basement with his favorite vintage movie or sports moments. Be careful! These perfect customizable father’s day gifts might just attract all the dads in the neighborhood to admire your father’s new wall art.

Custom Pillows and Blankets

No matter how tough you think your dad is, there’s no way he could resist a comfy custom pillow and blanket with his beloved children on it! These couch companions are great unique gifts for dad that you’ll catch him snuggling up to while he snores through another movie night!

Have it customized with his name, initials, or his favorite sport team. You can also choose a design that reflects his hobbies or interests, like his favorite sports team or a scenic landscape. Whenever your dad wraps himself in this personalized blanket, he'll feel the warmth of your love and appreciation.

Custom Coffee Mugs

For the best Father's Day gifts, surprise your dad with a custom coffee mug that will make his mornings even more enjoyable. You can choose from a wide range colors to match the photo you choose.

Whether he's a sports enthusiast, a movie lover, or a fan of a particular TV show, there's a coffee mug design that will bring a smile to his face every time he sips his favorite brew.

Personalize it with his name, a heartfelt message, or a memorable photo to create a unique and sentimental gift that only he'll cherish and can cherish for years to come. With a customized coffee mug, your dad will start his day with a warm reminder of your love and appreciation.

Custom Coasters

If your dad enjoys hosting family and friends for gatherings or simply loves his evening beverage, a set of personalized coasters will make an excellent Father's Day gift.

You can opt for coasters engraved with his initials, a special date, or a meaningful quote. Another idea is to customize the coasters with photos that hold cherished memories.

These customized coasters will not only protect his furniture but also add a touch of personalization to his space, making him think of you every time he reaches for a drink.

Custom Mousepads

If your dad spends a significant amount of time at his computer, a custom mousepad is a great Father's Day gift idea. Customize the mousepad with a design that resonates with his personality or profession.

Whether he's a tech enthusiast, a sports fan, or a lover of nature, you can find a design that suits his interests. You can also personalize it with a motivational quote or his favorite family photo.

Every time your dad sits down at his desk, he'll be reminded of your thoughtful gesture and will navigate through his digital tasks with ease and style.

Custom T-shirts

For a perfect Father's Day gift, that combines style and sentimentality, consider a custom t-shirt that reflects your dad's personality or showcases your special bond.

Choose a comfortable fabric and a design that aligns with his interests, whether he's a fan of a particular sport, a movie franchise, or a hobby. You can personalize the t-shirt with his name, a funny slogan, or a memorable quote that holds significance for both of you.

This unique piece of clothing will not only make your dad stand out but will also serve as a constant reminder of the love and appreciation you have for him.

Custom Hoodies

If your dad is someone who enjoys staying cozy and fashionable, a custom hoodie is an ideal Father's Day gift.

Choose a high-quality hoodie in his preferred style and color, and then personalize it with a design that represents his interests or showcases a special memory. You can opt for his favorite sports team logo, a witty slogan, or a graphic that reflects his hobbies. Adding his name or initials to the hoodie will give it a personal touch.

Every time he wears this custom hoodie, he'll not only stay warm but also proudly display his unique style and the love you put into the gift.

Custom Puzzles

If your dad enjoys solving puzzles and spending quality time with the family, a custom puzzle is an excellent Father's Day gift choice. Select a high-quality puzzle with a suitable difficulty level based on his experience.

You can personalize the puzzle by choosing a photo that represents a happy memory or a picture that holds significance for him. It could be a family portrait, a scenic landscape, or an image related to his favorite hobby.

As he pieces the puzzle together, he'll have a relaxing and enjoyable time, while also being reminded of the cherished life moments you've shared together.