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What Exactly is a Floating Frame?

What Exactly is a Floating Frame?

As you may have noticed, we've been busy at We've released a slew of brand-new products in the last few weeks, so you might have missed one that we're particularly excited about. is now proud to offer floating frames as a product add-on when creating a beautiful canvas print. 

What Exactly are Floating Frames

Floating frames, as the name suggests, hold your print, photo, or canvas to give the impression that it is floating in the air rather than being pressed against a glass sheet like other frames. This lends a sense of three-dimensionality when looking at the image.

Why Choose a Floating Frame over a Traditional Frame?

This answer to this question depends on your personal preference, but generally speaking, there are a few different points that we’ll highlight for why is may be better to choose a floating frame over a more traditional frame

Your image doesn't match your interior design.

You don’t like how a frameless canvas print looks, but also don’t want to go with a traditional frame.

  • Floating frames offer a unique twist on the classic framed print look and aesthetic

The background of your image or print blends into the wall’s color.

  • Having a floating frame for your print allows the print to visually stand out with its color scheme closely matching the dominant color of the wall

You don't want the edges of your image to be damaged.

  • A floating frame’s design will prevent the edges and corners of your print from being damaged by the very nature of its design.

You want to reduce the amount of glare on your print.

  • A floating frame’s design lacks the glass panel that traditional framed prints do, and in turn, cuts down on the amount of glare the print has.

How Do Floating Frames Work?

Unlike traditional frames, floating frames have a slight gap between the frame itself and the image which again gives the illusion of the image floating in space within the frame.

How to Hang Floating Frames

We at take the pressure of making sure your print is aligned correctly; mounting your image to the frame itself, and then shipping it to your door. 

Other canvas companies put that pressure on you to make sure you center your print correct, but When you order from all you have to do is wait for your print to arrive and hang it up (just be sure to order a hanging kit as well for even easier hanging!). No fuss, no frustration!

Where to Buy Floating Frames?

We sell floating frames as an add-on to your canvas print alongside our other offerings like our hanging kit, digital proof, and canvas depth.

Our floating frames give the impression the canvas is floating or suspended within the frame rather than extending toward the edge of the frame itself. They are 100% poplar wood construction and covered in a protective coating. Available in six finishes: white, black, gold, espresso, barnwood, and natural.


A floating frame is much more than just a simple add-on. It's a unique way to showcase your print in an attention-grabbing display that'll dazzle guests and visitors alike that is proud to have available to you