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Can Canvas Get Wet?

Can Canvas Get Wet

Can Canvas Get Wet?

Today we’re helping out our customer service department and answering one of our most popular FAQs - can canvas get get? The answer is yes, but you must know how and when to take care of your prints- stick around to find out how to make your canvas prints last for generations. 

If you’re a frequent visitor, you know that we create gallery quality canvas prints with only the most premium American materials. Our custom cotton blended canvases are printed with eco-friendly, water-resistant inks. This means that yes, if your canvas does get wet, it’s not the end of the road for your decor. Just gently dab any water off, and return the wall! This also means that you can get away with hanging your canvas in more humid places like in your restroom.

Finally, our canvases water-resistant properties mean that you can also gently wipe any dust, dirt or debris that may find its way onto the surface of your prints.