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History Of Canvas Prints

canvas prints

Canvas prints have recently become one of the most popular and easiest methods of home decor, allowing you to surround yourself with your very own favorite photos and memories for years to come.

However, canvas art has been a common medium for a very long time! The subtle, classic texture of canvas is something that artists, painters, and photographers alike have all been taking advantage of for hundreds of years. This is why printing your photos on canvas can bring an extra sense of character to your photos! Stay tuned to learn more about where and when canvas artwork originated, and how it has evolved into one of the best ways for all kinds of people to display their photographs! 

Where Did Canvas Come From? 

Canvas as an art medium first started to gain traction in the 16th century Italian Renaissance! In search of a material that was easier to use in a humid environment, Venetian painters landed on canvas because it didn’t warp like wood panels, and dried much better than frescos. Also, because it was already being used in large quantities to make sails, it was readily available and relatively inexpensive. 

Finally, it made much larger paintings and art much more transportable, because it was able to be rolled up without much risk of paint and ink cracking. Eventually, the artform had become a staple in Europe, the most popular material in which paintings were found on. Today, not only is it the dominant material for painting, it’s also an easy, affordable, and elegant way to display photographs! 

Of, you can probably tell that we’re big fans of printing photos on canvas! Canvas prints help our customers print their favorite photos with incredible image quality, rich and vibrant colors, and end up with a product that will last a lifetime. We combined the timeless, classic look and feel of canvas, with our cutting edge printing technology, allowing us to print thousands of canvases per day, and provide the lowest prices on the market. In today’s world, we know that you have plenty of options at your fingertips to get your photos printed. That’s why we take the privilege of printing our customers favorite photos seriously. Whether you submit a funny family selfie, or a breathtaking landscape photograph that you planned for weeks and hiked for miles to capture, each photo is printed at the highest possible quality with our state of the art Epson S60600l production presses. 

Also, not every canvas print is created equal. Recently, canvas prints have picked up a negative reputation by some people, but we’re here to change that. The most likely reason that someone would have a negative opinion of canvas prints is simply because they haven’t come across one created by! We set out to find an affordable, high quality canvas that allowed for outstanding image quality, and provided a final product that would last our customers a lifetime. Finally, we landed on a custom, cotton blended canvas , woven in Austin, Texas. This proprietary custom blend is not only extremely durable and long lasting, it also allows inks to absorb right into the fibers itself, resulting in deep, saturated colors that are resistant to fading and cracking. This modern picture clarity combined with the classic look of canvas, allows every day people to present their photographs in an unforgettable fashion, without having to empty their pockets!

We also made canvas prints even more long lasting with our water-resistant inks! With, if your canvas print ever comes across dirt, dust, or any other kind of debris, you can gently wipe it away with a damp cloth. 

Modern Canvas Prints - Easy, Elegant, & Affordable 

canvas prints

Another older artform that also is gaining a strong foothold today is the triptych! Originally used as a way to make large religious artwork in Europe easier to transport, the canvas triptych has now become a staple in lots of modern art galleries. A triptych displays one single image across three large individual canvases, creating a more unique way to show off a single photograph. Our custom canvas triptychs are super easy to design! No confusing editing or photoshop required! All you have to do is choose a style and size, and upload your photo. Our online canvas designer will split your photo across the 3 canvas automatically, and you’ll get an instant preview right on your screen! also offers a variety of ways to cohesively display multiple photos on a collection of canvases, or all on one! 

First, our canvas wall displays are one of our most exciting products. With a canvas wall display, you can display up to 9 photographs on various sizes of canvas, creating a collection of canvases that help you showcase a special story from your life. They’re the best way to wow all of your friends, family and guests, with sizes available all the way up to 60” 74”, you can cover a large amount of wall space and create an attention commanding centerpiece for any room or area in your home. Also, they’re just as easy to create as our canvas triptychs! Simply pick from one of our 14 wall display orientations, and upload all of your photos to each spot! As you go, an instant preview will be shown to you! 

Finally, we know that not everyone needs to cover a huge amount of wallspace, and that some of our customers are looking for a smaller solution to display their photos. That’s why we introduced our canvas collages. Even though they’re smaller than wall displays, they allow you to display even more pictures, up to 16! We offer 8 unique collage styles, each one available in sizes ranging from 12” x 12” to 30” x 30”. This means you can create a small, heartfelt collage as the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion, or design a larger collage that is also able to hold its own in a larger space. 

Soon, we’ll be launching even more custom photo products! We are super excited to announce that custom photo blankets and pillows will soon be available. You’ll be able decorate your walls with your favorite photos, and snuggle up with cherished memories. Also, sleek and modern metal prints are on their way as well! Your photos printed onto a sheet of aluminum will be shining with extreme detail and last for generations! 

Create Your Canvas Photo Print 

Now that you know almost everything there is to know about canvas printing, here’s how to get your hands on a custom canvas photo print! All you have to do is simply find your favorite photo, and upload it to Once we have your photo, we’ll recommend a canvas size specifically tailored to your image. This recommendation is based on the size of your image, and it’s resolution. Generally, the more resolution, or pixels within your photo, the larger you’ll be able to print your photo. Luckily you can print even smartphone photos at incredible sizes! Most smartphones produced in the last few years have incredible cameras, allowing you to turn your photos into large canvas prints

Of course, you don’t have to choose from our recommended size. We know that your photo is special, that’s why we offer over 1,000 unique canvas sizes! If we think that your photo might not be large enough to be printed at a specific size, our intelligent online canvas designer should be able to warn you before you proceed. 

Next, you’ll be able to choose from a few options to further personalize your new canvas photo print. For example, if you’re looking for the classic canvas print style where your image wraps around the frame, you’re already set! However, you can also choose a black, white, or gray canvas wrap to better fit your needs. Also, if you want your photograph to stick out amongst the crowd even more, you can upgrade your canvas depth from the standard .75” depth, to the deluxe 1.5” depth. This will elevate the surface of your canvas even more from the wall, making it that much more eye catching. This option is also recommended for larger sized canvas prints. Finally, for our working photographers and professional artists, we provide some options tailored to your needs. If you’re looking to send a canvas directly to your clients, you can select our ‘Blind Shipping’ option to remove any and all mention of from the canvas itself, as well as the packaging, allowing your customers to focus solely on your incredible artwork. Also, we can provide a digital proof of your photograph or art as a final canvas print, so you can be totally sure before you place your order.

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