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NEW Large Canvas Prints - Up to 60 inches!

large canvas prints

large canvas prints

Looking to display a large photograph in your home, office, or business? Add some character to your photo by getting it printed onto a large canvas print. is incredibly excited to share some truly BIG news with our loyal customers and new friends! We are launching new and even bigger canvas sizes for your wall art. The team has upgraded our site and production facilities to now accommodate large canvas prints up to 60 inches tall or wide! Now, you can create large wall art almost 2 feet bigger than before! 

We've printed thousands of canvas prints since 2019, but it never gets old watching our customers' favorite photos become breathtaking works of art on our oversized canvases. Inspired by your dreams and photos, we redesigned production processes and facilities so that the maker in your has room to bring to life the large canvas print of your dreams. 

large canvas prints

You don’t have to be a professional photographer or fancy artist to order a breathtaking large canvas print. These days, we are all walking around with amazing digital cameras in our pockets every day. Any smartphone made in the last 5 years or so will most likely be able to produce photos that would make great canvas prints. As long as your image isn’t blurry, we can create a gallery-quality large canvas prints that you can humble brag to your friends and family.

large canvas prints

Canvas Wall Displays

Maybe you want to take up a large amount of wall space, but don’t want to be limited to only one photo? Our canvas wall displays are the perfect choice for you. We have 14 different wall display collections, ranging from 3 to 9 individual canvases, and our largest collection covers a total area of 60’’ x 74”!

Again, if you don’t want to be locked into just one photograph, but also need to cover a large amount of wall space in either your office or home, our wall displays are the way to go. Showcase multiple photos across a variety of canvases and image sizes in one cohesive display with canvas wall displays. 

Our website makes it easier than ever to hang up a large canvas print wherever you desire. Just simply upload your photo, and pick from any of our recommended sizes. But of course, feel free to enter any size you want to fit your photo and whatever area of your home you plan on hanging it in. 

We realize that every photo is different, so we have a couple of different frame options before you check out that you should be sure to take a look at. First, we can wrap the image around the frame for the classic canvas print look, or your image can be bordered in white, black grey, or even a mirror. If you want to know exactly what your photo will look like as the final product, we can produce a digital proof so you’ll have no guesswork to do.


Whether you want to hang breathtaking digital art, a romantic wedding picture, or a heartwarming family photo, our oversized canvas prints can help you create it. 

All of our canvases that we ship are backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. If your new canvas doesn’t blow you away, let us know. We will happily reprint it with any necessary adjustments, or issue you a full refund. 

Finally, once your new canvas is up on your wall, and you’re finished admiring it (this part may take a few hours) be sure to snap a photo and send it to us at to get a free $10 gift card code to put towards your next canvas. 

So what are you waiting for? Don’t just upload your favorite photographs to social media and slowly forget about them! Admire them every day for years to come on an oversized canvas print from