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The Best Deals & Discounts On Canvas Prints

Canvas Discount offers a variety of ways to get custom canvas at amazing discounted prices. First, you can almost always find a promo code right on our website to get 10% of your order! 

Because our canvases are the perfect gift to celebrate any occasion, we also love to celebrate all kinds of holidays, big or small, with deals and discount codes. Whether it’s National Pet Day, Easter, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or even National Golf Month, you can bet that we’ll have some sort of canvas discount available for our loyal customers. 

The best value discounts from can be found when you’ve gained VIP customer status. Any customer that either orders 2 or more products in a month, or makes one order over $100 will automatically be added to our canvas VIP list. Here, you’ll be rewarded with exclusive canvas discounts and sent promo codes reserved just for our VIP customers. 

Canvas discounts & promo codes for our VIP customers are sent out weekly, and we love to switch them up and provide discounts on all of our products, not just single canvases. Check out our amazing wall displays, get creative with a canvas collage, and go crazy with our newest product, canvas triptychs! We’re confident that you’ll love your first canvas, and sure that you’ll be planning on where to hang your second one as soon as you hang up the first one. Order one more time for yourself, and use your new VIP discounts to order some as gifts for your friends and family. 

After your first couple of canvases, you might want to upgrade your canvas game. We have a collection of special products that will make your photos stand out even more. Whether you’re looking to fill up a large amount of wall space, or create something truly unique to remember a special memory, our specialty canvas products can help. 

Canvas Wall Display Discounts

First, our canvas wall displays allow for the most creativity and flexibility. Our collection of 14 unique canvas wall displays range from 3 to 9 individual canvases. This allows you to tell a complete story of a recent vacation, wedding, or even a sporting event. We find that our dynamic wall displays make great centerpieces for living rooms, bedrooms, and make for great conversation starters. 

Canvas Collage Print Discounts

Next up are canvas collages. Collages are a great way to still display multiple photos all in one place, while retaining a small footprint. This means you can still tell that story, or display your entire family in a smaller area. We have 8 different collage offerings that are guaranteed to elegantly display whatever collection of photos you choose to upload. 

Triptych Prints Discounts

Finally, our newest canvas collection is canvas triptychs. Triptychs display one huge horizontal image across three large individual canvases. This style was first found in religious art pieces, and used mainly because it made transporting large pieces of art easier. We love triptychs because they’re great at displaying one stunning image in an even more interesting way. 

Many of our VIP canvas discounts involve deals on extra canvases when you order a specific canvas collage, wall display or triptych! Our VIP program is a great way to score big savings on large canvases!