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9 Best Uses For Custom Canvas Prints

custom canvas prints
There are almost too many options, trends, and styles of home decor to choose from. You don’t want to go with something that will fall out of style in just a few years, and you also want to stand out from the crowd just a little bit. Finding the perfect balance seems like it’s never harder. However, you’ve found the right place.
A custom canvas print is a classic addition to any style of home decor, that will showcase your very own memories and photos beautifully. A great way to truly make your house a home, we’ve put together a guide that can help you decide how to decorate your home with heartfelt memories through canvas prints. 
Most of us are walking around with hundreds, if not thousands of our favorite photos right in our pockets, thanks to our smartphones. This is something that was simply impossible just a short time ago.
However this incredible feat of technology makes it quite hard to figure out which photos we really want to show off in our homes. Don’t worry - just keep reading to help you figure out which photos you want to turn into canvas print! 

1. Family Photos & Portraits

family photos on canvas
Okay, this one might seem a little obvious. However, we just wanted to remind you that you don’t need to go out and hire an expensive photographer to hang up beautiful family canvas prints in your living room.
Actually, some of our best looking family photos that we ship were shot on smartphones. This is because smartphones allow us to capture a fleeting moment with our families with just a few taps. Most often, the quality of a photo is determined by the quality of the memory, not the pixel count or resolution.
Also, with pretty much any phone released in the last few years, you can print photos reasonably large without any problem at all! So don’t be scared to dig through your camera roll to find those snaps of your kids at the park, or your family selfie from the ballgame, and remember your favorite family photos on canvas for years to come. 

2. Wedding Photos On Canvas

wedding photos on canvas
On the other hand, your wedding is most likely something that you definitely hired a professional photographer for. So now you have a galley of incredible images that tell the story of one of the most important moments in your life, what should you do with them? Don’t just post them on social media, only to be forgotten after they collect hundreds of likes.
Make the most of those unforgettable images by turning them into incredible wedding canvas prints that you can enjoy for years to come, and help you relive those moments every day. Don’t let that dreamy, romantic photo of your ceremony go to waste! We can print it at up to 40 inches tall or wide!
This type of wedding canvas can turn out to be a family heirloom that will last for generations! Or you can check out our three unique canvas collections to upload multiple photos from your wedding day, and remember every amazing moment!

3. Celebrations & Graduation Photos 

graduation photos on canvas
If you’re a dedicated gift giver, you’re always looking for the most personal and thoughtful gift possible, no matter how big or small the occasion might be.
With, you now turn a simple photo into an incredible gift. Birthdays, anniversaries, highschool or college graduations, or even a goodbye gift! Whatever the celebration, a canvas print can help you turn your memories with a special person in your life into a gift that they can cherish forever. 

4. Vacation Photos 

vacation photos on canvas
As they say “pics or didn’t happen”! What’s the point of taking thousands of photos on your vacations if you can’t show them off in style? Whether you went hiking out west, or you were living it up in the Big Apple, a canvas print can turn your photos of a beautiful sunrise or an unforgettable skyline into timeless wall art. 

5. Canvas Baby Photos 

baby photos on canvas
If you’re a parent, odds are you take at least a few photos of your little one every day. After all, photos are the only way that we can keep our kids from growing up so fast! But what good are they left hiding in our camera roll!
Baby/toddler photos on canvas are a great way to decorate your home with your favorite photos of your kids. Or, you can create a small square canvas print to decorate your office with, and always be reminded of your kids, even when you’re at your keyboard! 

6. Pet Portraits On Canvas 

pet pictures on canvas
Some of our babies have 4 legs, and are mostly covered with fur. But that doesn’t stop us from loving them just as much. Our pets might even be more spoiled than some of our friends' children! You can show off your dog, cat, or even your lizard on canvas prints! Pet photos on canvas are some of the best ways to show all your friends and family how special your pet is! 

7. Scenic Canvas Prints

scenic canvas prints
Thanks to our leading edge printing technology, and premium American materials, even the most detailed photos come to life on our canvas prints! Dedicated photographers, amateurs and professionals alike, trust to create large, beautiful reproductions of their scenic photos on canvas.
Don’t worry, even if you like to snap photos of your favorite views with just your smartphone, we can still create incredible prints with your pictures. 

8. Canvas Prints For Business

canvas prints for business
Do you own or manage a business, and feel like you need to add some more color and character to your brick and mortar location. With most areas in the country returning to in person shopping and appointments, you can take this opportunity to refresh your walls with canvas prints.
Some businesses that often use canvas prints to liven up their decor are doctors/dentists offices, restaurants, and even barber shops/salons! Whether you use stock pictures, or photos of your happy clients, it’s always a good idea to show off how your business can impact a customer's life for the better through photos!

9. Wholesale Options

For our customers who need canvas prints in large quantities, for an art gallery or business, you can get in contact with our wholesale team, and we'll be happy to find out more about your needs.
Because of our dedication to innovation and quality, we can print thousands of canvas prints a day, allowing us to fill large and small orders alike, at incredible speeds.