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The Best Gifts For Wife Appreciation Day!

canvas prints gifts
Another important, yet overlooked holiday is Wife Appreciation Day! On September 19th, it’ll be your perfect chance to surprise your wife and score some huge brownie points by gifting your wife with a canvas print, the best way to remember your favorite moments together. 

canvas prints gifts

All year, your wife is there for you, your family, and does a lot to make your life easier, and make you feel loved. You shouldn’t just settle for celebrating your love on Valentines and other regular holidays. Your wife will be overjoyed to know that you are always thinking about her, and that you’re one of the few good ones out there that didn’t forget Wife Appreciation Day. 

Since you’re the best and most loving spouse out there, you have plenty of photos of all the adventures, laughs, and special moments that you spend together with your wife.

What better way to show your wife your gratitude for her love and care than showing off those photos on canvas prints for all your friends and family to see, for years to come? After all, you can just simply put them on Facebook or Instagram, but they will be slowly forgotten about once everyone scrolls away. 

Designing a canvas print is just as easy as throwing a photo on Facebook, but much more rewarding. All you need to do is simply upload your photo, choose from some customization options, and relax!

Your photo will be processed and printed onto a gallery quality canvas, using water resistant, vibrant inks, and wrapped around a premium, American pine-wood frame - resulting in a piece of art that will last for years to come. 

canvas prints gifts

A canvas print can be the best surprise gift for this holiday, as it can take you and your wife right back to one of your most cherished memories. Whether it’s your wedding, honeymoon, a recent night out, or a snapshot with the kiddos from your last vacation, she’ll be delighted to know that you want to show her off for all your visitors to see. Or, you can create a small office accent piece for her to keep you and your family in mind while at her desk!

But if you want to go bigger and bolder, we’ve also got you covered. Not only can you turn your wife’s favorite photo into a 40 inch tall or wide piece of art, you can also create a custom canvas collage, wall display or triptych. Any of our custom canvas collections are guaranteed to be the perfect gift, and are able to transform your living room! 

If you're struggling to settle on just one photo, our collages and wall displays are just what you need. You can put all the way up to 16 photos on a collage, or create a dynamic wall display with 9 unique canvases included. 

canvas prints gifts

On the other hand, if you really want to make one special photo unforgettable, you can design your own canvas triptych, which displays one single image across three canvases, resulting in a breathtaking centerpiece for any space in your home. 

Act fast! National Wife Appreciation Day is coming up fast - September 19th! We can’t wait to see all of the incredible canvas prints that you create! Make sure your wife shares her new decor on Instagram with us @canvas_prints_com, and we’ll send our own token of appreciation, $10 off your next order!