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Canvas Printing

Three simple steps are all it takes to get a gallery-quality canvas print delivered to your house. Well, three steps for you at least. We have made it easy for you to upload your favorite photo, customize your canvas, and checkout so you can spend more time creating memories to last a lifetime. While you are creating these memories, our team is hard at work creating canvas prints that last a lifetime.


Canvas Printing


But what is canvas printing and how is it done? We like to think of ourselves like Santa’s elves, creating stunning canvas prints that bring magic to your favorite moments. But our “magic” is actually years of experience and love craft of canvas printing. And it truly is a craft.

We meticulously guide each canvas print through the creation process. Our pre-press team prepares the photograph for printing, where we use a state-of-the-art printing press. Our custom in-house frame shop builds each frame to order and each canvas is carefully stretched onto the frame before it is shipped to your doorstep. But the journey of your canvas print actually starts before our team even receives your photo. It starts the second you visit

Where to Order Canvas Prints Online

Turning your photos into a piece of custom canvas art with is easy and hassle free. Simply upload your photo, and our easy online canvas designer will recommend a canvas size tailor to your photos specifications. 

Of course, this is just a suggestion and you are welcome to choose from one of our 1,000 sizes. We offer over 1,000 sizes because we want you to find the perfect fit. No more compromising for a “kinda fit” or “good enough”. We want your canvas print to be perfect and offer a 100% money-back guarantee. 

After you have settled on a size, you will have some customization options to look through. We offer blind shipping, next-day shipping, a variety of border types, differing canvas depths, and canvas hanging options. If you don’t choose any of these options, no need to worry. Our canvas prints come with everything you need. 

Finally, you’ll be ready to checkout, enter any discount codes, and select your shipping option. After you have placed your order, we will let you know that your order has been received and we will follow up once your canvas is on its way.

How To Get Canvas Prints Fast

If you're needing to get your hands on your new canvas prints as fast as possible. You need not worry with Submit your order by 3PM EST, and select next day shipping. Your canvases will be mailed the next business day after they've been created! 

Building Process

Now that you have placed your order, our team will get to work on your canvas. It is important to us that we can be proud of the print we send you, so real humans are working on your print the entire way through. We use 100% American materials and do not cut corners just to save a few bucks.


Our pre-press team individually reviews each image before it is printed. While they do not edit your image, they place the image onto a digital canvas to replicate the same way you positioned the canvas upon upload. 

During this part of the process, the pre-press team creates the border for your image and sets the image up based upon your customizations. This includes setting the size and depth of the canvas. It is important that this is done correctly so that it can be fitted correctly to the frame.

If you requested a digital proof, the pre-press team will create that during this step. After it has been created, they will send it to our customer service team so it can be delivered to you. Once pre-press has completed your canvas, it is sent to the printer. 

Printing On Canvas

This is the make or break it part of the entire creation process. We have invested heavily in materials and printers in order to craft some of the best canvas prints in America. CanvasPrints uses new, state of the art Eco-Solvent Inks on our array of Epson S60600L 60" Production Presses along with PrintFactory custom color calibration system to give life-like balances to your photos and illustrations. Eco-Solvent inks are one of the most environmentally friendly inks in production today. With two 4 color printheads, we are able to reach 98% of the visible color gamut, meaning incredible color reproduction.  

We choose to use a custom, proprietary cotton blended canvas. This allows our inks to truly shine. How? Well, cotton allows ink to absorb into its fibers, unlike a polyester canvas that many other canvas printers use, which creates a thing layer of ink on top of it. With a cotton blended canvas, you get colors that will last a lifetime, much more resistant to fading, and much sharper image quality. 

We choose to use solvent inks over aqueous latex inks for a few reasons. The most important of these reasons is because of how quickly solvent inks dry. In aqueous inks, up to 40% of ink is lost during the drying process. By opting for quick-to-dry solvent inks, we are able to retain the colors and provide a much more colorful canvas print than companies that use aqueous inks. Additionally, solvent inks result in superior image quality. 

We choose to use a custom, proprietary cotton blended canvas. This allows our inks to truly shine. How? Well, cotton allows ink to absorb into its fibers, unlike a polyester canvas that many other canvas printers use, which creates a thing layer of ink on top of it. With a cotton blended canvas, you get colors that will last a lifetime, much more resistant to fading, and much sharper pictures. 

Custom In-house Frame Shop

After your image has been printed to our custom cotton canvas blend, it is ready to be mounted to a frame. Our in-house frame shop builds each frame to order. We do this for precision and perfection.

We use pine wood sourced from the southern United States when building each frame. The wood is an extremely sturdy pine board that protects against warping over time. Some of our competitors use a less durable and heavier material MDF board. With frames being the backbone of a canvas print, each frame must be made with high-quality materials.

Advanced Automated Framing

With the frame complete, it is now time to stretch the canvas over the frame. Our stretching technicians use a state-of-the-art machine to perfectly stretch the canvas. This machine pulls the canvas at a tension that makes sure the canvas will not be slack while also ensuring to not cause pressure cracks. 

While the framing machine is pulling the canvas our technicians fold and staple the edges of the canvas over the frame. Our team is highly trained to get the perfect fold every time.

Packaging and Shipping

Your canvas print is now ready to be sent to its new home, your house! We use 100 gauge shrink wrap to protect the integrity of each canvas. Your print is then fitted with corner protectors and gently secured into a box.

Since we offer over 1,000 canvas sizes, our shipping department is often making custom boxes for your canvas prints. After the print has been packaged, it is ready for the mail carrier to pick up. If you selected the next day shipping option, your print will be ready for the UPS or USPS the following business day.

The best part is finally here! You have received your canvas print and can’t wait to hang it up. Each canvas comes with pre-installed hanging hardware. This means you only have to add a small nail into the wall and it’ll be ready to hang. Now, every day you walk past your canvas print you get to relive memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. Don't forget to send us a photo of your new canvas on your wall at, and get a free $10 gift card code! Ready to cherish your memories? Order a handcrafted American canvas print today. 

Thumbnail image courtesy of Konica Minolta

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