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Get Creative With Dynamic Split Canvas Prints

Split Canvas Prints

Although we do have over 1,000 unique single canvas sizes, we have various other products that allow you to unleash your creativity and display your favorite photos in a more creative and dynamic way! 

Canvas Collages

First up are our canvas collages. Great for showing off multiple photos all in one place on a single canvas. Ranging from 12” x 12” to 30” x 30” they’re suitable for fitting many photos into one spot when you don’t have a ton of wall space to spare. Our online collage editor makes it easy to upload your photos and design a collage based on any of our 8 unique collages

Canvas Wall Displays

Next, our canvas wall displays are where you can really start getting bold. We have 14 different wall display arrangements to fit any area of your home, like a large living room or dining room wall, a bedroom, or even along a stairway! Ranging from 3, all the way up to 9 canvases, the possibilities are almost endless.

You’ll be able to tell a complete, compelling story through your photographs across multiple canvases that are guaranteed to be a centerpiece and conversation starter for all your friends and family. 

Canvas Triptychs

Finally, our brand new canvas triptychs are one of our most unique and biggest products yet. 

Triptychs were originally found in oil painting, but thanks to advancements in printing technology they have become increasingly popular within the canvas industry. Canvas triptychs will take one large horizontal image and divide it across three vertical canvases, displaying it in a more dynamic and and unquestionably unique way.

Our online triptych designer makes it super easy to get your hands on one of these canvases. Just upload your single image, and we’ll do all the work for you. Our designer will divide your image into three parts and spread it across 3 canvases, and no parts of the image will be cut out.

Make sure you check out both types of triptychs we offer, the classic triptych, and our flow triptychs, where the middle canvas is slightly taller than the outside canvases. This style works well when you want to draw more attention to the subject within the middle frame.

Our Production Process

Believe it or not, there are a couple of different kinds of quality of canvas, and not all are created equal. Our award-winning canvases start with our custom cotton blended canvas.

Why use cotton canvas, as opposed to polyester like our competitors you ask? That’s because while polyester is easier to stretch, cotton absorbs inks and colors better, and results in much sharper image quality and clarity. We know that the photos you submit to be printed are near and dear to your heart, so we make sure that they’re bright, vibrant reminders of your most cherished memories.

Next, we use water resistant inks to further enhance the durability and longevity of your new canvas prints. This means that if your canvas ever comes into harm's way, you can simply wipe away any dirt, dust, or debris with a damp cloth. 

Finally, our environmentally friendly pine wood frames are both lighter and more durable than MDF board, a material more commonly used by our competitors. 

All of our premium materials go into a final product that is constructed and shipped from right here in Asheville, North Carolina. Put all of this together, and you get a gallery quality canvas print that your family and friends can cherish for years to come.  

How To Hang Split Canvas Prints

Hanging one up could be a little tricky to anyone not too familiar with split canvas prints. But don’t worry, we’ve put together a little guide so you can get that triptych you just unboxed hanging proudly on your wall in no time! 

First, determine the spacing you would like between each canvas by laying them down on the floor and arranging them as you see fit. We recommend between two to three inches apart. Too much further away, and you might start to lose the effect of the three canvases displaying one cohesive image.

Generally, bigger triptych canvases allow for more spacing between canvases, and smaller triptychs will require less space between frames. Make sure you look at your triptych from different angles and viewpoints! 

Once you like your spacing, you can then measure the distance between your frames. Hang your middle frame first, and then hang the left and right frame according to your prior measurements.

This may be easier with a friend or family member's help. Here are some pro tips to ensure that your canvas triptych looks great in whatever room you choose to display it in.

  • Align your triptych centered with any furniture in the room to maintain balance within the decor. This could be a sofa, dresser or a TV.
  • If it’s hanging above a couch or chair, leave around 6” of clearance between the two to make sure it doesn’t get bumped.
  • Hanging your triptych at eye level is the easiest way to make sure it’s level, and also the best place to get a viewer's attention. 

Now that your split canvas print is up and hanging, you can get ready to tell everyone you got it from!