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Metal Prints Guide

metal photo prints

What are metal prints? No mystery, just magic.

metal photo prints

Metal photo printing produces frameless, lightweight, fade- and waterproof creations that appear suspended when hung – like magic. It's a new world of custom wall art; your invitation to décor that's modern, sleek, and certain to rock your world. And it's a décor trend gaining traction across the globe, producing art that bears the test of time!

It's simple: your photo of choice is infused onto a sheet of white gloss aluminum, providing a truly remarkable look. With presentation choices – wall hanging, shelf placement, indoors or out, your metal photo print will deliver décor style beyond your imagination. Choose your size, from 8” x 10” to 24” x 36”.

The Printing: Dye Sublimation Process.

This printing technique delivers a custom metal print that is scratch, water, and UV resistant, ensuring art that will stand the test of time. The process uses heat to vaporize dye and permeate the glossy surface of the aluminum.

In essence, the ink goes from a solid to a gas, back to a solid. Rather than laying down individual dots (as with ink jet printing), the image is fused into the aluminum, thus providing a truer photographic look and a means of turning the metal into a striking image. And unlike canvas or wood prints that often have a matte finish, metal prints deliver an unrivaled vibrancy.

How to Make Metal Prints

Custom metal prints will bring your photography alive. We fuse your image into – not on top of – brilliant white gloss aluminum for a slim, elegant, presentation that is clear and radiant.

The colors will pop, adding an entirely new dimension to your décor. And once hung, it will appear suspended! Pick your size, from 8” x 10” to 24” x 36” all the way up to 40" x 40". Whatever you choose, your favorite moment will shine, indoors or out. 

Design A Metal Print

Choose Your Imagery.

There are so many ways to wow your décor, the possibilities are endless. Whether your custom metal print is destined for that treasured man cave, a living room wall, your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or patio, you will love the way your art looks in ant space. Consider images of:

metal photo prints

What Do Metal Prints Look Like?

Create luminous, deep, resonant imagery with your metal photo prints. You'll get vibrant colors. Black and white photos work too, delivering sharp images and deep contrast. Simply by fusing your photo onto art-grade aluminum prints, you get an eye-catching piece of art that's unlike anything you've seen before.

Whether a landscape shot from your recent vacation, your family reunion photo, that treasured wedding picture, or your furbaby sleeping peacefully by the fireplace, your metal print picture will deliver images and colors that pop. And unlike glass-covered framed art that reflects sunlight, metal photo prints simply emit the photo within. Metal wall décor. It's a trend you want.

How to Hang Your Metal Print.

With a pre-installed hanging hardware kit, all you need to hang your metal photo print is a hammer and a nail! It's that simple. So, open the shipping box, pick your spot, and put your radiant creation up for all to see. No worries about frames going with your décor, or glass reflecting against the image, just your favorite memory eliciting oohs and aahs.

How to Care for Your Metal Prints.

Metal photo prints are easy to care for. Durable enough to show anywhere, your metal print is scratch- and water-resistant. If you hang it outdoors you needn't worry about sun damage, as it is protected with a UV-resistant coating.

How to Clean Metal Prints.

It's easy to clean your metal print. Simply take it down – so lightweight – wipe it clean with a damp cloth and rehang it. It's scratch-resistant too! No stress, no bother. Your metal photo print is probably the easiest, most durable piece of art you will ever care for. And being water-resistant, you needn't worry about the dampness of your cleaning cloth. Just wipe and, voila! Your memories will last forever.

How to Display Your Metal Prints.

Metal photo prints offer tons of display choices. 

  • Hang your metal photo print like any piece of art – only easier with pre-installed hardware. 

  • Place one or two on a shelf with candles or fairy lights, and a plant. It's a look sure to elicit ahs. Just choose a shelf in a neutral tone – black, white, or wood.

  • Hang your metal wall art in the bathroom. Steam will not harm it!

  • Create a gallery wall with multiple prints that tell a story of their own. 

  • Create a split image with two metal prints.

  • Create a triptych.

  • Choose metal wall art in colors that blend with or play off your current décor. 


    metal photo prints

    Metal Prints vs. Canvas Prints

    While the classic canvas print is what got us started, these two types of custom prints can serve very different purposes, and lend themselves to some different styles of home decor and specific photographs.

    Printing photos on metal uses a high-tech, dye sublimation process that fuses your image directly onto the surface of an aluminum sheet. This results in wall art that is rich in color, and has tack-sharp details, all in an elegant, minimalist fashion.

    Also, metal prints are scratch-resistant and water-resistant, so you can hang them in an outdoor environment like your garage workbench or outdoor kitchen without worry. They are also a good choice for areas in your home that are in direct sunlight because they are much more resistant to fading.

    What Types Of Photos Look Best On Metal Prints?

    Just like our classic canvas prints, these modern metal prints are ready for all types of photography and any kind of image. If you're an enthusiast or pro photographer, a metal print will help you take full advantage of every pixel in your high-resolution images.

    Metal prints can also turn your smartphone snapshots into stunning artwork. Whether you want to enjoy a detailed print of a breathtaking view from your last vacation or savor a selfie for years to come, our metal prints are the way to go.

    Customer Service

    Whatever your need, we are here for you, offering complete customer service throughout the process. Need advice? Ask us anything. It's all part of our highest quality photo printing production, start to finish.  Live chat us or call 855.226.8279 and speak to an actual human.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    Your metal photo print purchase is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee! Made right here in the USA.