Types Of Canvas Prints

Decorating with canvas prints has become one of the most desirable interior decor trends in the world during the past few years. The creativity and quality of canvas prints make them stand out in any situation, whether a home or business. Photos on canvas offer an affordable alternative to traditional framed photographs. Also, the subtle texture of our custom cotton blended canvas adds an extra, sense of classic, timeless character to your photos. This quality can make your photos perfect companions for cozy home decor items. 

types of canvas prints

The rising popularity of canvas pictures prints is attributed to accessibility. Within the past 15-20 years, technology has made it easier to produce museum quality canvas pictures prints for consumers. This technology has made buying canvas pictures prints much more affordable, with prices starting at just $11.98. 

Our American made canvas prints can range from small format canvas prints to large size canvas prints. The adaptability of canvas photos makes them perfect in any situation. You will see canvas prints in homes, offices, restaurants, retail stores, museums, and galleries. Photos on canvas are also amazing gifts for birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. The stellar quality means these photo prints will become family heirlooms to keep around for years to come. 


Small Format Canvas Prints

Types of Canvas Prints

Canvas prints ranging from 8” x 8” to 18” x 24” are considered small format canvas prints. Made with 100% American materials in North Carolina, our small sized canvas prints are a top choice for wall and shelf decor. 

The 8” x 8” canvas pictures prints are designed to be displayed on shelves or in small areas of walls. The other sizes in the small format canvas prints collection are perfect for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and offices. The canvas prints pop without being too large for the space, thanks to the inks made in Kentucky. 

Family portraits, pet portraits, vacation photos, home decor, and more all look great when printed on stunning small format canvas prints made in the United States. Additionally, the custom cotton canvas blend displays your images with crisp clarity and dynamic colors. These photos on canvas will impress your guests and remind you of your favorite moments every day. 

Large Format Canvas Prints

Types of Canvas Prints

Large format canvas prints stand out with a bold design. With sizes going up to 40” x 40”, a large size canvas print is great for making a statement. Crafted with the same American made materials as our small canvas prints, large format canvas prints will bring beauty into your space. 

Large format canvas pictures prints are perfect for entryways, large living rooms and bedrooms, lobbies, and art displays. These photos on canvas possess vibrant colors and in-depth images. Photos ranging from family photos to nature landscapes are displayed beautifully when printed on a large format canvas print. 

Photos on canvas create a wonderful atmosphere in any space. The modern take on photo prints adds a unique touch of creativity to the room. While these canvas prints are larger, they are still easy on the wallet. Our state of the art printer allows us to quickly print your photos with precision quality, helping to bring down the price. Large format canvas pictures prints will bring your memories back to life! 

Single Canvas Prints

Types of Canvas Prints

Single canvas prints are the most common type of canvas decor. They are simple yet stunning. Being offered in over 1,000 sizes, there is a canvas print for everyone. Thanks to the frameless appearance, it is easy to style canvas prints with any room and the current decor. 

Single canvas prints come with a variety of customization options. First, you can choose the canvas depth. The default canvas depth is .75” and you can upgrade to the gallery 1.5” depth. After selecting the canvas depth, you can change the border style from blurred to mirrored, black, white, or grey. 

Each canvas print is shipped ready to hang. This means right when your print arrives, you can begin redecorating your space. The easy-to-hang design also makes it easy to switch out prints for seasonal themes. Our canvas design tool will recommend the best size for your image, but you can also view all sizes here. 

Canvas Displays

Types of Canvas Prints

Canvas displays consist of canvas print wall displays and triptych wall art. Each style of display is a dynamic presentation of your favorite images. These canvas displays are eye-catching and conversation-worthy. Being 100% American made and offered with a 100% money-back guarantee, a canvas display is the risk-free way of bringing stunning art into your home.

Wall displays are multi-panel displays featuring three to nine panels. Each canvas displays one image. Wall displays are often themed with family photographs, pet portraits, or vacation photos. These make for great gifts to loved ones. Wall displays are one of our most popular products, and we love getting to tell your story through photographs. 

Triptychs are a three-panel display that divides one image across three canvas pictures prints. This creates a unique interpretation of your image. Each panel is displayed about two inches apart. This ensures the full picture can be seen, while also showing the separation. This separation makes your favorite photos stand out like pieces of art. 

Printing Method

What Is Canvas Made Of?

Types of Canvas Prints

The use of canvas in art can be dated back to the 12th century in Asia. During this time, a combination of hemp and flax was used to create the canvas fabric. The fabric was then painted on with oil paints. These early paintings often accompanied poems providing imagery. 

Through trade, canvas was brought to Europe where it grew in popularity during the Renaissance era. Photos were first printed onto canvas in the 1840s, however, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that canvas prints became widely available and a popular interior decor trend. Canvas is also used for clothing, backpacks, bags, tents, sailboat sails, signs, and other items that need a flexible yet sturdy cloth to work with. 

While the art of canvas printing was developing, so was the material of a canvas. Over time, hemp and flax were transitioned to cotton and polyester. Changing to cotton and polyester made the prints absorb more color and last longer. The material also helped to bring prices down, making canvas prints even more affordable to the public. 

While many companies use canvas that is high in polyester content, cotton is the better material. Cotton canvas prints absorb colors better than polyester. Cotton canvas prints are also more durable than polyester canvas prints. It is good to have a small amount of polyester in the custom cotton canvas as the polyester helps during the stretching process. 

Additional options such as UV canvas is available. UV canvas has been treated to help protect the photographs against UV light rays. Over time, direct sunlight exposure can cause a photo on canvas to fade. By using UV canvas, the longevity of a canvas print is increased.

Each piece of custom cotton blended canvas is woven in Austin, Texas. Using high-quality American made canvas helps to preserve the integrity of the photo. This custom cotton canvas blend has high in-class color density, making sure every pixel of your image is saturated with bold and true colors. When this top-tier canvas is combined with solvent inks made in Kentucky, the canvas print will truly pop. This is why our canvas prints are museum-quality. The custom canvas blend and inks create a stunning image. 


After your image is printed onto the custom cotton blended canvas it is stretched across a handmade wooden frame. The framing technicians use an advanced automated stretching machine to get the perfect tension for your canvas. Having just the right amount of tension ensures two things. The first benefit of having perfect tension ensures there will be no pressure cracks in the ink. The second reason is to make sure there are no dips in the final canvas. 

When choosing a company to print your favorite photos onto canvas you will want to ensure that they use a cotton blend rather than a polyester blend. Printing your photos on a cotton canvas will make sure to represent them in their best light and bring joy back to your favorite memories. 

Printing Methods

Types of Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are printed with solvent or aqueous inks. While aqueous inks are less expensive, they are duller and do not last as long. Solvent inks are the preferred choice of ink for printing photos on canvas. The solvent inks are absorbed by the custom cotton canvas blend which results in a long-lasting and colorful print. The ink goes between the fibers of the cotton canvas blend rather than only sitting on the top of the canvas. 

The drying process used for aqueous inks causes up to 40% of the ink to be lost. This causes canvas prints printed with aqueous inks to lose color and provide an image of lesser quality. This is one of the main reasons behind using solvent inks. These inks are also VOC free and help to decrease emissions in our production facility. 

Solvent inks combined with custom cotton blended canvas results in a beautiful and durable final canvas print. These prints will last for years into the future, offering a great trip down memory lane. The ability to cherish your favorite moments with a photo on canvas is like no other. Each canvas is made with these high-quality materials in our North Carolina headquarters. 

Raw Materials


Types of Canvas Prints

Two main types of ink are used in canvas printing. They are solvent inks and aqueous inks. Solvent inks are the desired ink for leading canvas print brands. There are many reasons for this. The first reason is the amount of color that is present when printing with solvent inks. This color depth helps the canvas prints look realistic and true to the image. 

Another reason for using solvent inks is because cotton canvas absorbs the ink very well. With aqueous inks, a large amount of ink is lost during the printing process. The cotton fibers of the custom canvas blend trap the solvent ink particles, resulting in an image that is woven into multiple layers of the canvas. 

Additionally, our solvent inks are water-resistant. This helps to protect your canvas print and makes for easy cleaning. If your canvas print is exposed to dirt, simply use a damp cloth to gently wipe off the dirt. The water-resistant aspect makes our canvas prints a top choice for restaurants or children’s bedrooms where the art may get dirty easier than other places. 

Solvent inks help canvas prints shine with vibrant colors and crisp details. This image quality helps to tell the story of your favorite images and invites the viewer to build conversation around the image. 


Types of Canvas Prints

Two main types of fabric are used in canvas printing. They are cotton and polyester. These two fabrics are often blended to create the best canvas. The best canvas blends have more cotton than polyester. When looking at the fabric there a few different points to consider.

The first is cost. Polyester is a cheaper material than cotton is. However, it is not cheaper by much. You should be able to find a cotton canvas blend for just slightly more than polyester. The second point to consider is the way in which each material absorbs the ink. Cotton canvas allows the ink to go deeper than the surface and blend with the cotton fibers. Polyester only allows the ink to sit on the top layer of the canvas, resulting in a canvas print that fades more quickly than a custom cotton blended canvas. 

Custom cotton blended canvas helps make your favorite photos stand out. The color absorption shows your images with crystal clear quality and detailed colors. 

Wooden Frame / Stretcher Bars

Types of Canvas Prints

The stretcher bars are how a canvas print is framed. After your image is printed on the custom cotton canvas blend, a custom frame is handmade with pine sourced from the United States. The frame is reinforced and sent to the stretching department. 

In the stretching department, an advanced automated stretching machine is used to perfectly stretch the canvas across the frame. The technician then folds and staples the canvas to the frame.

Our frames are made of kiln-cured pine for maximum durability. The kiln curing process helps to make the wooden frame more durable and well as protects it against the elements. This means our canvas prints are adaptable and can be hung in a variety of environments. 

Since we have over 1,000 custom sizes, we make each frame to order to minimize waste. Our kiln-cured pine is Forest Service Certified, ensuring that the best practices of wood harvesting are being used. After the canvas is stretched and stapled to the frame, it is packaged for shipping.

First, the canvas is wrapped with shrink wrap to protect the image from dust and scratches. Next, corner protectors are installed to protect the frame. The canvas is then fit to a box and packaged securely. In no time, the canvas print will be at your front door and ready to hang. 


CanvasPrints uses new, state of the art Eco-Solvent Inks on our array of Epson S60600L 60" Production Presses along with PrintFactory custom color calibration system to give life-like balances to your photos and illustrations. Eco-Solvent inks are one of the most environmentally friendly inks in production today. With two 4 color printheads, we are able to reach 98% of the visible color gamut, meaning incredible color reproduction.

How photo canvas prints are constructed? 

After placing your order, our team gets to work on your photo canvas prints. First, our pre-press team prepares your canvas for printing. During this process, they place your photos in a template and add the border. 

Next, the canvas is printed on a custom cotton blended canvas. The printing process has been designed to get perfect results every time. Our inks and canvas combine to create a beautiful image on canvas. 

After the canvas is printed, a frame is made and the canvas is stretched across the frame. The framing technician staples the canvas print to the pine frame. The canvas is then ready to be packaged for shipping. 

Uses Of Canvas

Home Decor
Office/Business Decor
Canvas prints are amazing pieces of home decor. They are perfect for foyers, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and guest rooms. They bring unique personal decoration to each room while still being affordable. 
Our canvas prints are a top choice among offices and businesses of all types. Having decor like this helps to create the atmosphere in your space. We also offer wholesale prices on larger orders.
Canvas prints are the perfect personalized gift. The prices make them easy to buy and the great designs make them easy to love! Our family and friends will love their canvas print gifts for years to come.

Galleries and Museums

Our custom canvas prints are museum quality canvas prints. This means they are perfect for galleries and museums. The crisp image quality and descriptive colors make our canvas prints a top choice for those looking to display art and photography with superior quality. 

How To Check The Quality Of Canvas Prints

If you are printing your treasured memories onto canvas, you will want them to come out perfect. By checking if the company you use follows the best practices of canvas printing, you will be guaranteed to receive a museum quality canvas print.

Type of Canvas

A custom cotton canvas blend is the best choice for canvas printing. You will want to seek out this type of canvas, as the image quality and colors are better. These canvases are 100% American made. 


The two main canvas depths are .75” and 1.5”. The .75” is the standard canvas thickness. The 1.5” deluxe canvas depth is inspired by gallery and museum prints. The canvas depth alters the appearance as well as the durability.

Framing Structure

The frame that the canvas is stretched on is a crucial part of the canvas print. Typically, frames are made of pine. Our pine frames are kiln-cured to increase the strength of the frame while also giving a unique look to your photo canvas print. 

Now that you know the importance of using a trusted company, simply upload your photo and let us do the rest of the work. Our intuitive canvas design tool will recommend the best sized canvas for your photo. This makes sure your print comes out with pixel-perfect imagery. 

You can select additional options like border style and canvas depth. This makes the canvas uniquely yours. Every time you walk into your living room and see your canvas print you will be reminded of the great memories. 

Protect Your Canvas Print

Once you receive your canvas print, you will want to make sure you take care of it. A Well-kept canvas print can last for decades. Here are a few tips to care for your print:

  • Hang or stand upright and do not put anything on top of your print. 
  • Do not hang outside or in direct sunlight.

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