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8 Best Styles Of Canvas Prints In 2020

Canvas prints can be the key to tying your home decor together. By using canvas print wall art to decorate your space, you can to create a unique and welcoming feeling in your home or business. With multiple styles and themes to choose from, options are virtually endless for canvas prints. The personalization of canvas prints makes them a perfect choice for every decor situation. From modern interior decor to classic decor, canvas prints are able to adapt to the situation.

We’ve created an all-inclusive guide of the eight best canvas prints to decorate your home in 2020. All of these canvas print styles fit into different spaces. No one style is better than the rest. The best canvas print style comes down to your personal preferences and home decor vision. This guide will help you determine the best style for you and leave you with plenty of canvas print ideas. 

1. Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints

A classic and stand-alone canvas print is one of the top ways to decorate your space in 2020. Often referred to as museum-quality canvas prints or gallery-quality canvas prints, photos on canvas offer a dynamic and affordable way to decorate your home or office. 

Canvas photos stand out for a few main reasons. A leading factor is that canvas prints work in any interior decor situation. Since canvas prints are mounted on a hidden frame, you do not need to worry about fitting a frame style in with your other decor. This saves you money by removing the need for expensive decorative frames. 

Canvas prints are also very lightweight. This makes canvas pictures very easy to hang without additional supports or studs. Even larger canvas photos are lightweight when compared to other wall art of a similar size. We install each canvas print with a sawtooth hanger before it is shipped. When the canvas print arrives at your home, you can have it hung and ready to enjoy within minutes. 

Photos on canvas are assembled in the United States with high-quality and 100% American made materials. Each canvas is started in an inkjet printer where latex inks are used. The latex inks are applied with precision accuracy resulting in a crystal clear image. From large to small canvas prints, the same quality is kept. 

After your prints on canvas have been printed, they are ready to be stretched across the frame. Each frame is custom made to order in our in-house frame shop. We use kiln cured pine for durability and maximum sturdiness. By using an advanced automated stretching machine, our technicians stretch your canvas across the wooden frame. It is then wrapped in 100 gauge shrink wrap and packaged for shipment. For larger orders, we offer canvas prints with free shipping, so you can spend more on the memories and less on shipping. 

These easy canvas prints are not only high-quality but also affordable. The affordability of single canvas prints makes them extremely desirable. It allows you to decorate any space on a budget without sacrificing the aesthetics of your space. Since canvas prints are offered in over 1,000 custom sizes, it will be simple to find the perfect fit for your space. For both small format and larger format canvas printing, these items can be made the next day and ready for you to display in no time. Consider these tips when determining the right canvas size for you:

  • A larger canvas print is perfect for creating a focal point
  • Smaller canvas prints are great on shelves
  • Change the border color and style to match your other decor

2. Canvas Print Wall Displays

Wall Displays

Canvas print wall displays take your interior decor to the next level. Creating a true focal point in your space, canvas print wall displays draw the eye in while telling a story. Wall display photos on canvas are a pre-arranged collection of canvas prints. Each display ranges from three to nine prints each featuring a different image. These displays are perfect for when you have more than one great image to feature.

Canvas print wall displays are made with the same impeccable quality as our single canvas prints. The 100% American made prints are classy and elegant while leaving space for your personality to shine. The wall displays can feature images from one specific day or multiple days and styles of images over time. This adaptability makes them perfect for any living room or bedroom.

Wall displays are one of the most popular interior decor trends of 2020 and it is pretty clear as to why. They offer a high-class look without the high-class price tag. Because of this, canvas print wall displays are rising in demand.

The easy to use upload tool allows you to select your favorite images quickly. These images often range from family portraits and dog portraits to wedding portraits and more. Since such a wide variety of images look great on a wall display, the displays will shine in any home or office. Additionally, the varying amount of photos per each canvas photo wall displays allows for a great deal of customization ability as well. This means you can fit just a few family portraits or all of your favorite photos from the last family vacation.

Wall displays are one of the most unique home decor items of 2020. Thanks to the designer layouts and stellar image quality, families are now able to display their favorite images in a hip way. Wall displays think outside of the traditional framed photo print and provide an opportunity for photos to shine in all of their glory. Each piece of a wall display beautifully supports the other canvases in telling the story of the images. Whether you are looking for a canvas print wall display for your first home or your retirement cottage, a wall display will make your space more welcoming than ever before. Here is how to find the right wall display for you:

  • Measure your wall space before selecting a wall display
  • Determine what images will be displayed
  • Entryways, above couches, and master bedrooms fit wall displays the best

3. Triptych Canvas Prints


Triptych canvas prints stand out like no other. They are bold and dramatic. Triptych canvas prints are created by dividing one image over three prints. Each print is displayed about two inches apart. This creates an effect that spreads out the image while making sure that none of the picture is lost. Triptych wall art truly pops with its unique design.

Triptych art prints first became popular in medieval religious art. Artists would create triptychs on hinges for easy transport. These triptychs had a wooden case that would fold into a protective outer shell for transport. In modern-day applications, triptych canvas has become popular in nature photography and home decor. Often, triptych photos are found in galleries due to their stunning nature. 

With our museum-quality triptychs, you can now create your own triptych without breaking a sweat.  Our easy to use online designer tool seamlessly divides your image over each canvas without losing any of the image in between. This gives you control over your image placement and a good idea of how your prints will look once they have been printed. 

We offer two main sizes of triptych canvas prints, each being offered in two styles. The first collection of triptychs is the Classic. The Classic is 32” x 48” in total. The first size of the Classic has three prints that are each 32” x 16”. The second size has one 32” x 16” canvas print and two 28” x 16” canvas prints. Our other collection of triptych wall art is the Cozy. The Cozy has a total size of 20” x 30”. The first triptych in the Cozy collection has three 20” x 10” canvas prints and the second triptych in the collection has one 20” x 10” print and two 18” x 10” prints. 

The Classic Triptych fits well above longer couches and queen to king-sized beds while the Cozy Triptych fits well above loveseats and other smaller spaces. Each triptych is made with canvas from Texas, inks from Kentucky, and Forest Service Certified pine wood. These materials shine through to the finished product with durability and image quality. Additionally, all triptychs are created with a deluxe 1.5” canvas depth. When choosing a triptych for your home, consider the following:

  • The triptych should be 75% of the width of what it is being hung above
  • Choose photos that can be split into thirds well
  • A high-resolution photo will have the best quality

4. Canvas Print Collages


Gone are the days of having to use a clunky collage maker to create the images for your collage. Thanks to our design tool, it is now easy to upload your favorite photos and create a creative collage. We offer multiple designer templates for your collages. These templates help to ensure that your images line up and will look stunning when printed as a canvas print collage

Photo collages have been popular for a long time, but you have typically been left to cut images out and glue them to a piece of paper. Canvas print collages are the mess-free way to create collages in 2020. With one of our canvas print collage templates, you can upload anywhere from three to sixteen photos. The three photo collages are perfect for family, dog, baby, and wedding pictures while the larger collages are perfect for vacation photos or pictures of days you just can’t get enough of. 

Each collage on canvas has a layout designed for different sized images. The different squares and rectangles let you decide which image you want where. The ability to fully personalize your canvas print collage is a big upside of collages. Canvas print collages cost about the same as standard canvas prints and let you feature more than one image.

Canvas print collages often become a great conversational piece. Your guests will be captivated by the stunning quality of the canvas print and stick around for the great stories attached to each photo. Each of these photos represents a specific time in your life and a canvas print collage allows you to look back on these moments with joy from time to time. 

Each collage layout is offered in four sizes ranging from small to extra large. This allows for even more customization, making collages a healthy fit for your bedroom or living room. Each size is pre-installed with a sawtooth hanger so you can display your canvas print just minutes after you receive it. Ultimately, canvas print collages are a unique take on single canvas prints. They show off multiple images all for the price of one and each image is packed with great quality. The inks and canvas used for canvas print collages will make sure you can see every little detail even when you have sixteen images on a 12” x 12” canvas. Some top tips for canvas print collages are:

  • For smaller collages use images with a broader subject and less detail
  • Pick images that have an overall theme and color scheme
  • Create a gallery wall collage with multiple canvas print collages

5. Pet Portrait Canvas Prints

Pet Portraits

Pet portrait canvas prints are a great way to celebrate your furry friends. Whether it is a pet portrait of your new puppy or a memorial pet portrait of a pet passed on, a pet portrait canvas print will help you love your pet even more. Pet portrait canvas prints are one of our most popular items. The portraits are realistic and full of color. 

The custom cotton canvas blend ensures you can see the details down to the fur. This is achieved by starting with a high-resolution photo. The photo is then set on a template by our pre-press team. The pre-press team sets your pet portrait up for printing. The image is printed on a lightning-fast printer that can print up to 20,000 canvases a day. The latex ink from Kentucky soaks into the custom cotton canvas and packs it full of descriptive colors. 

The colors help your pet portrait on canvas to come to life. Our wide range of sizes fits all pets ranging from guinea pigs to horses. Since we make every frame to order, we are able to offer over 1,000 sizes. Once your canvas is printed, our custom in-house frame shop builds your frame with kiln cured pine. This cured pine protects the print against warping over time and is lightweight. 

While pet portrait canvas prints can be as simple as your favorite picture of your animal, it can also be more complex. We have seen realistic paintings and drawings of pets that look stunning when printed to canvas. Additionally, artistic pet portraits may feature your dog as a superhero or gentleman. These creative takes on pet portraits leave endless possibilities for your 100% customizable pet portrait on canvas. 

Photos of pets on canvas are an affordable way to cherish your pets. Pet portraits on canvas are additionally available as triptychs, wall displays, and collages. You can feature your pet or pets in one of these unique pieces of canvas wall art. To do this, simply select a product type from our product line and upload your images to begin. Our craftsmen will perfectly create your pet portrait using 100% American made materials. The quality of your pet portrait will be a constant reminder of your pet’s love every day. When planning for a pet portrait consider:

  • Take the picture from straight ahead rather than above. You want your pet to be looking forward
  • Make sure to not edit out any important parts of the image like the ears or tail 

6. Family Canvas Prints

Family Canvas Prints

Family canvas prints are extremely popular. From self portrait canvas prints to family portrait canvas prints, family canvas prints are classic and will never go out of style. These canvas prints show the love that you have for your family through decor. The wide range of sizes also offers a print for every family, small or large. 

Family canvas prints are one of the best gifts of 2020. They are affordable and thoughtful at the same time. Grandparents love canvas prints of their grandchildren and canvas prints of the entire extended family. Family portrait canvas prints are the best way to remind your family of your love even when you are apart.

Family portraits truly stand out when paired with a professional photograph. A high-quality photo will pop off of the canvas print with amazing colors. These full colors help to bring you back to exactly the moment that photo was taken. This helps you carry this memory for years to come with a beautiful reminder. Self portrait canvas prints are also great. Upload a selfie from your phone and have a canvas print ordered in no time. This is a great surprise gift for your family and friends. 

Our online designing tool will recommend the best size based on your photo. This will make sure no one is cropped out of the photo or that it is too large for the image quality and becomes pixelated. Since family is so important, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on family canvas prints and most other products. This ensures you are always happy with the final canvas print. 

Family canvas prints are one of the top holiday gift items. They are an extremely memorable gift because they are completely personalized. The value that is added by the thought that goes into ordering a canvas print carries a lot of weight. Your family and friends will love that you put some much thought into what image they would like. This is the type of gift that is treasured for many more decades. 

The ability to create this feeling with such an affordable price should not be overlooked. That is why family canvas prints are one of the best gifts for relatives in 2020. Each print is crafted with the same amount of love that you have for your family. Thanks to the museum-quality of family canvas prints, you can rest assured that we care about your favorite memories. Some key tips of family canvas prints include:

  • Select a size that fits the whole family. You don’t want Aunt Sharron to be cut out of the picture!
  • Selecting the recommended size will be the best option for image quality 

7. Weddings Canvas Prints

Weddings Canvas Prints

Weddings canvas prints are the best way to cherish your recent wedding. The impeccable quality shows the waves in the bride’s dress and the sparkle in the diamond ring. Each wedding canvas print will help you to carry that love past your wedding day. Wedding canvas prints are perfect for newlyweds, vow renewals, and even wedding photos from decades ago. No matter when the wedding was or when it took place, a wedding canvas print will cement that special moment in time. 

Wedding canvas prints are also a great gift. Both the bride and groom and the parents of the newlyweds will love wedding canvas prints. It is a great way to show the love that runs through the family. When compared to the rest of the wedding registry, wedding canvas prints stand out with a great price point. Regardless of the low price point, a wedding canvas print will prevail as one of the best gifts. The thought and love that goes into a wedding canvas print will make it priceless. 

We understand that wedding photos are precious. Our team cares about creating the best canvas print possible so you can always carry these memories with you. The best part? Wedding canvas prints are outfitted with sawtooth hangers so you can easily bring the print with you during all stages of your life. The durable pine frame makes sure that the canvas stays sturdy over time. The latex inks and the custom cotton blended canvas have been engineered to last for decades. With next-day shipping, your wedding canvas photos can be with you on day one and on year twenty. 

Since the memories of your wedding are so cherished, you’ll want to make sure you are ordering from a quality company. It is the worst when your canvas print shows up on a flimsy canvas or with dull inks. You can get a museum-quality wedding canvas print for less than $20 and not sacrifice quality. Check out these tips for ordering a wedding canvas print:

  • Use the high-quality image provided by the wedding photographer
  • For the perfect gift, consider a wedding wall display
  • Order multiple of the same print for easy holiday shopping

8. Baby Canvas Prints

Baby Canvas Prints

Baby photos are so cute! There is nothing like baby canvas prints. They effortlessly show your newborn or toddler in their peaceful element. Baby canvas prints can either feature posed portrait photos or photos of them resting in their parent’s arms. 

Baby canvas prints are a great gift to yourself or to the grandparents. It is such a special time when you welcome in a new family member and baby canvas prints are the perfect way to hold onto their early years. Babies grow fast and they will be leaving for college before you know it. By ordering a baby canvas print you will be able to have a reminder of your child’s first words and first steps, long after they have moved out. 

Baby canvas prints look great when there are contrasting colors in the image. For example, if your child is on a dark background and dressed in lighter clothes. This will put an emphasis on the subject of the image, your child. Baby canvas prints are great for the living room, master bedroom, or guest room. Additionally, they may turn into a great keepsake to show your future grandchildren down the line. A canvas print like this will help to tell your child’s story for years to come. When shopping for a baby canvas print, consider these points:

  • Use a quality image to get the best result
  • A rectangle print will often work for baby images better than a square image
  • Don’t be afraid to view mockups for a variety of sizes and images before ordering your print

Tips and Tricks for Canvas Prints

With all of the types of canvas prints above, you are surely bubbling over with creativity and ideas for your next canvas print. Each of the eight styles serves a purpose in different situations. You will want to evaluate your space and type of image before placing your order.

Size of Wall

The size of the wall where the canvas print will be hung should play into your decision. If you have limited space, a smaller print or smaller wall display will be better suited. In a larger room, a large canvas print or 9-panel wall display can create a true focal point in the room.

Color of the Print

You will want to determine if there is a certain color or theme that already exists in the room in which the print will be hung. If so, select a photo color that matches the existing elements. A subtle and pastel color will complement the current decor, while a vibrant color will pop.

Placement and Positioning

Placement and positioning are important. If the print or prints will be hung above a couch, table, or bed we recommend that the print is 75% of the width of the furniture. Explore unique displays by placing your prints on shelves.

Meaning Behind the Photo

Since canvas prints are completely customizable, you get to determine the meaning behind the print. The meaning can range from cool decor to a beautiful memorial of a loved one. The meaning can be as simple or as deep as you wish, just be sure to determine why you are ordering your canvas print. 

Picking Your Print

Canvas Prints

After reading this guide, you hopefully have a better idea of what canvas print is right for you. With these ideas in mind, upload a photo or plan a picture day to get your canvas print started. No one style is better than the other. It simply comes down to personal preference and what falls within the vision for your decor. With our wide variety of styles and sizes, you have total control over your canvas prints and the final display.

From subtle to vibrant and support pieces to breathtaking focal points, one of these canvas prints will fit perfectly into your home or office. Still not sure about what print you want to order? Check out these additional resources to find the perfect canvas print for you. 

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