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Custom Canvas Prints

Custom Canvas Prints

 If you’re looking for a new, unique way to decorate your home, liven up your living room, and refresh your home decor for the spring and summer seasons ahead, look no further than We’re in the business of creating custom sized canvas prints, made from premium materials, and using cutting edge printing technology, that our customers can hang right on their wall and cherish for a lifetime.

Offering a variety of canvas products, with more on the way, we are always innovating to provide our customers with unique ways to decorate their home with their very own favorite photos and memories. 

Because of the recent explosion in the popularity of canvas prints it can be stressful sorting through the almost endless amount of websites and vendors that offer canvas prints. However, you should make sure that your special photos depict some of your favorite and touching memories are taken care of during the printing process.

We take the privilege of printing our customers photos seriously, which is why we’re committed to providing the best quality canvas prints, as well as unbeatable prices. Keep reading to find out more about our printing process, and learn why you’re already at the best place to get custom canvas prints online.

Where To Get Custom Canvas Prints was founded in 2019 with one single mission in mind - to provide the best quality custom canvas prints available, at the lowest price point on the market. We think that canvas prints are simply the best way to decorate your home in your own photos, to remember the special moments, big or small. That’s why we offer durable, gallery quality canvas, at everyday prices.

No longer are the days of having to spend hundreds on large cameras, and shelling out handfuls of cash to fancy printing houses. One of the biggest reasons that canvas photo printing has become so desirable in home decor is because they make the entire process of decorating with photographs much easier and seamless.

With traditional photo printing, you’ll have to order both a print, and a frame to match all of your existing home decor and other prints you might have. Photo frames are often a hassle to assemble and the glass element brings unsightly glare into the equation.

With a canvas print, your image is front and center, as the canvas elegantly wraps around the frame. This makes hanging and displaying multiple prints easier than ever, because you don’t have to worry about any extra hardware. 

Our custom canvas prints are easy, elegant, and affordable. All you have to do is visit and upload your photo. Once we have your photo, we’ll recommend a custom canvas size, specifically tailored to your photos resolution and contents.

Generally, the larger your image file is, the larger you can print it on canvas without worry. We take the guesswork out of this process and give you the maximum canvas size that we think your photo would look great at. Of course, you are free to choose from our vast selection of over 1,000 unique canvas sizes. If you know you want large custom canvas prints, you can design your own personalized canvas at up to 40 inches tall or wide.

These are some of our favorite canvases to print, and it brings us joy sending them away to be hung up on walls and commanding the attention of all of your guests. Also, one of our most popular products is our small 8” x 8” canvas print, which makes for the perfect thoughtful and meaningful gift for anyone in your life, for any occasion.

They’re also great for adding a personal touch to smaller areas of your home, like an office, kitchen or even your bathroom. Some of our customers even order a number of 8” x 8” canvas prints and create their own wall displays. For even more dynamic and unique wall displays, see our range of 14 available wall displays.  

Now that you’ve decided on your custom canvas size, you have even more options to choose from to further personalize your new canvas. Most of our customers are looking for the classic canvas style, where the image wraps around the sides of the frame. If this applies to you, you’re already set, and you don’t need to change any options!

However, if you need to match an aesthetic like mid-century modern or some other style, or want to create a more artistic look, you can have our talented craftsmen wrap your canvas frames in black, white, or gray. Also, you can choose for the wrap to mirror the image on the face of the canvas! Also, all of our canvas prints come standard with a sawtooth hanging kit, plenty sturdy to hold your canvas proudly on your wall for years to come.

However, for our customers looking to go the extra mile, you can upgrade to a gallery style hanging kit, which includes a professional, gallery style hanging wire inlaid within the frame of the canvas. Finally, we have some options for both our perfectionist and working professional customers. First, if you need to see exactly what your image will look like as the final product, we can provide you with a custom digital proof, so you can be totally sure of what your selected image will look like once printed onto our canvas. Also, we offer convenient blind shipping.

So if you’re a photographer or artist looking to send canvases directly to your clients, we can remove all mention of from the box, packaging, and canvas itself so your customers can focus solely on their new canvas print displaying your beautiful work. All of our canvases, no matter the image, are printed at the highest possible quality with industry leading Epson S60600L Production Presses, and constructed with premium materials. Whether it’s a charming group selfie or a breathtaking landscape image you hiked miles to reach and days to plan, every canvas we ship will display your photo with impeccable image quality. 

If you need your canvas prints asap, we can help you out. As long as you submit your order by 3PM EST, your canvases will be shipped the very next business day after they’ve been printed and assembled. 

Or maybe you’re in need of a larger number of canvases for a big project, gallery or business. We can also accommodate your needs. Just head over to our wholesale site, and get in contact. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to talk in more detail about how we can help you out. 

A Custom Canvas For Every Space

Custom Canvas Prints

Not only do we offer over 1,000 custom canvas sizes for individual canvases, we create a variety of more unique and unforgettable canvas products that can dress up any area of your home, like custom canvas collages, dynamic canvas wall displays, and split canvas prints like triptychs! 

First up, if you’re looking to create a piece of art that can help you tell a story through multiple photographs and a variety of canvases, you need to check out our incredible collection canvas wall displays. We offer a wide range of 14 unique arrangements, consisting of 3, all the way up to 9 canvases in one wall display. Cover a large area of wall space with Sunburst (38” x 78”), or add a touch of character to your stairway (36” x 62). Whatever your story, a wall display can help you showcase it. Some of our favorite wall displays include photos of dreamy wedding days, action packed sporting events, and collections of family photos.

Designing your own wall display is just as easy as a single canvas print as well! Just pick a wall display, and upload a photo for each individual canvas. Your photos will show up as a preview of a final product right on your screen. We love wall displays because they do so much more than just display your photos.

They are truly able to take your viewer through a story that’s special to you, like your wedding day, one of your child’s first sporting events, or a family photo session. Whatever the occasion, a custom canvas wall display can help you show it to the world. 

Next, if you still want to display a collection of photos, but in a smaller area of your home like a bathroom, kitchen, or office, our custom canvas collages, one of our most versatile products, are perfect for you. You can even display many more photos than a wall display, up to 16 on one canvas! We have 8 different collage designs, available in sizes ranging from 12” x 12”, up to 30” x 30”. You guessed it, creating a custom canvas collage is just as easy as a regular canvas print, and a wall display.

Simply upload your photos into each frame within the collage, and our intelligent online canvas designer will show you a preview as you go! Our canvas collages also make great, thoughtful gifts to anyone in your life, for any occasion! Easily create a collage of all your favorite moments with your parents, spouse, siblings, teacher, or anyone! 

Finally, our newest products are truly unique and special canvas triptychs, or split canvas prints. A triptych is a piece of artwork that displays a single piece of work or image across three individual frames. This form factor lends itself beautifully to canvas printing. We also offer 2 types of canvas triptychs, our classic triptych, and the flow triptych. Our classic triptych is well, classic! Three large, identically sized canvases display one incredible image.

A bit more dynamic the flow triptych consists of two equal sized canvases framing a larger, taller canvas between the two. This style works well with photos with subjects in the middle of the frame, and is a modern take on the triptych style, which came about as a way to make religious art easier to transport.

With custom canvas triptychs, we offer a new way to display a single image in a truly unique and unforgettable fashion. Order with no worries with our online canvas triptych designer. You can upload your photo and see an instant preview of your photo as a triptych right on your screen! 

Soon, we will be expanding our product line to include even more than canvas! In just a few weeks, we’ll be offering sleek, modern metal photo printing, as well as a way to decorate more than just your walls with custom photo blankets and pillows! What better way to cherish your favorite photos and memories than by snuggling up on the couch with them? 

Follow us on social media to be the first to hear about when these exciting new products become available! 

We know that sometimes canvas prints get a bad wrap, but that’s simply because those people haven’t experienced a true high quality canvas print yet! Because we know that the photos that our customers send in are some of their favorite and most special memories, we go to great lengths to ship strictly gallery quality canvases every day. 

Our process starts with the canvas itself, of course. Unlike some other companies, we choose to use a premium cotton blended canvas that has been proven to provide for unrivaled image quality and sharpness, while retaining a subtle classic canvas texture.

How so? We’re glad you asked! Cotton canvases allow our eco-friendly, water resistant inks to absorb into the fibers of the canvas itself, rather than create a thin layer of ink on top of it. This results in much longer lasting prints that are much more resistant to fading and cracking. Every canvas we ship is printed with water-resistant inks, allowing you to simply wipe away any dirt or dust, and you're canvas will look like the day it came off the press!

We’re able to provide such amazing quality canvases as well as the lowest prices on the market thanks to our fleet of Epson S60600L Production Presses. This allows us to print up to 20,000 products a day. This lightning-fast speed means we can apply large discounts to every single order. Meaning you get a personalized museum-quality art for a wallet-friendly price

Once your canvas has been printed, it will be fitted and stretched across a custom frame. Although it’s mostly unseen, the frame of a canvas needs to be sturdy and reliable in order for it to last a lifetime. This is why we use a kiln-cured pine wood, which is both lighter and more durable than the more common MDF board. We also create each frame to order in an effort to be environmentally conscious and reduce waste considerably. 

One of the most important steps in the creation of a canvas print is stretching the canvas across the frame. This step is the most common reason that some people have poor experiences with canvas prints. Often, a lot of our competitors canvases are stretched unevenly, resulting in crooked images, loose canvas, or cracked inks. To thwart any chance of these things happening we use an advanced stretching machine to combine every canvas and frame. This ensures the perfect tension and placement of each and every canvas across it’s frame. 

You can order with the utmost confidence from thanks to our 100% money back guarantee. If your new canvas doesn’t satisfy, just let us know and we will happily reprint it with any necessary adjustments, or issue you a full refund.

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Ordering Your Canvas Prints 

Thanks to both our cutting edge printing technology and recent advances in smartphone photography, almost anyone can create amazing, stunning works of art through canvas prints. These days, virtually everyone is walking around with an amazing camera at all moments of the day, right in their pockets. With features like panorama mode, portrait mode, and multiple lenses making their way onto smartphone cameras, taking great photos at just a moment's notice is easier than it’s ever been!

However, with our smartphone snapshots, it’s easy to simply put our photos on social media, only to be slowly forgotten once our friends double tap and scroll away. 

Make sure these fleeting moments that you capture with your smartphone are remembered forever. Ask any of our customers, and they’ll tell you that there’s just something different about viewing your favorite photos printed onto beautiful canvas, rather than just your computer screen. 

Because of the incredible cameras included in most smartphones released in the last 5 years or so, you can turn print photos you captured on your phone into large custom canvas prints. When you upload your photo, we’ll recommend a canvas size, and if you select a size that might be just a bit too large for your photo, our intelligent online canvas designer will warn you before you proceed. 

FAQ - How Much Do Custom Canvas Prints Weigh 

Thanks to our unique pine wood blend that we use to create each canvas frame to order, all of our canvases are both extremely durable, as well as very lightweight. It’s very easy to transport your canvas from throughout your house. Our canvases make moving a bit less stressful, and easier on your back! You won’t have to worry about finding help to transport your canvas. Even our largest sizes are light and easily transported!

What Pictures Make Good Canvas Prints 

Now that you know how we create amazing gallery quality custom canvas prints, all you need to do is select a photo. Picking a photo for your first canvas print might be a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re like us, with way too many photos to choose from. Here’s a bit of a guide to help you think about which photo you want to get printed onto a custom canvas to be cherished for a lifetime. 

Who else would you want to cover the walls of your home with other than your family? With a custom sized canvas print, it’s super easy to make your house feel even more like a home by hanging up special pieces of art displaying your families most special moments. We know that big or small moments like graduations, first t-ball games, or even funny selfies go by in a flash. Make sure that you and your family never forget those moments by hanging them on your wall for years to come! 

Let’s face it, speaking of family, our smaller, furry members of our families just might be the most spoiled of all! We love seeing adorable pet portraits come off our printing presses. Why not show off just how spoiled your pets are by showing off their personality on a custom sized canvas print! 

Because of our canvases impeccable image quality, they’re also very well suited to showcase your favorite scenic landscape photos. This year, maybe you’ve had to cancel exciting travel plans that you were eagerly looking forward to. For now, at least you can bring your favorite view right inside your home with a canvas print! Create a beautiful panorama to capture the attention of all your guests and family that will hopefully soon be able to visit! 

Without a doubt, some of the most popular canvases that we create are wedding canvases! Your wedding day was most likely one of the most important and special days of your life, why not show it off in style? You probably also spent a good chunk of cash to hire a talented photographer to capture the wedding day of your dreams. From first kiss to first dance, we know that your wedding photos will look great adorned onto our custom canvases, no matter the size. 

Finally, we also love sending away canvases that help parents slow down time for just a little bit. Baby photos are important, because, as they say, they grow up so fast! Newborn and infant photos are a great way to always remember the chubby cheeks and tiny fingers that your child had when they were brand new to the world. Don’t let those early years be forgotten, upload your favorite baby photos and cherish them forever, no matter how big your child gets! 

Still looking for ideas? Visit our idea gallery here to read more about what photos make great canvas prints! No matter what photo you submit we look forward to creating the perfect canvas print for you, and helping you remember your favorite moments.