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What Pictures Make The Best Canvas Prints

Pictures For Canvas Prints
What Pictures Make The Best Canvas Prints?

Are you looking for a great way to add a personalized touch to your home, office, or even business? Or trying to find the perfect thoughtful and meaningful gift for any occasion? Look no further than a custom canvas print

We love creating personalized canvas prints every day for the sole reason that they’re well, personalized. Thanks to our cutting edge printing capabilities and premium materials, you can decorate any space in your home in an elegant fashion, without having to hurt your wallet. 

While the unique characteristics of canvas can make almost any photo look great, if you want to hang up truly unforgettable canvas prints in your home, we’ve put together some tips on how to take the best photos to upload to

Family photos are some of the most popular photos that we turn into custom canvas prints! If you want your family photos to be unique and different from the somewhat standard group photo, you’ll be happy to know that you can create amazing images with just a little bit of extra effort and time! 

Candid photos, or photos of people that didn’t exactly know that their photo was being taken, are often the best. This is because they show people in their natural state, rather than thinking about what they should do in the photo. With kids, it’s easy to get candid photos, just whip out that handy iPhone and be ready to snap away when they’re running through the backyard or wreaking havoc in the living room! 

Also, many phones these days have a “live photo” feature, that takes multiple images in one. This will give you plenty of pictures to choose from, even though you only snapped one! This feature can save a photo where one person is blinking or making a weird face! 

Finally, when taking photos with our smartphones, it’s often easy to get caught up in the moment and only shoot in portrait orientation, or vertically. You’ll find that it’s much easier to capture more of your scene, and more people when rotating your phone and taking photos in landscape orientation, or horizontally.

Because of the extreme rise in popularity of the canvas print, there’s an almost endless ocean of places to order from. We know that the photos that our customers send us depict some of their most special memories, which deserve to be printed at the highest quality, with nothing but premium materials.

Crafting our custom canvas prints starts with the canvas itself. Rather than using a cheap polyester canvas, we utilize a proprietary cotton blended canvas, resulting in deeper, richer colors, and a much more durable final product. Cotton allows our water-resistant inks to absorb into the canvas itself, rather than create a thin layer of ink on top, prone to cracking and fading. 

The backbone of every canvas print is it’s frame! Although often not seen because the photo elegantly wraps around it, a sturdy, solid frame is vital to the longevity of any canvas print. Unlike our competitors who use cheap MDF boards, we use kiln-cured pine wood, made to order, by our in-house craftsmen. Our pine wood is both lighter and more durable than MDF board. So moving your canvas print from wall to wall, or apartment to house, is easy and stress free. 

Once your canvas is printed and your frame is constructed, it’s time to combine the two to create your ready to hang canvas print. We use an advanced automated stretching machine to wrap your canvas around the frame. This ensures a very high standard of quality control, and the perfect tension every single time. Too loose, and the canvas will dip between the frame. Too tight, and ink is at risk of cracking. Our stretching tech guarantees that each canvas we ship is just right! 

Now that you know which pictures you want to turn into canvas artwork, just head over to, and with just a few clicks, you’ll have it at your door in a few days!