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How To Print Pictures On Canvas

How To Print Pictures On Canvas

Printing Photos On Canvas

Thanks to advances in printing technology, and home decor trends, printing pictures on canvas has become one of the most popular ways to surround yourself with photos from your own special memories in your own home.

The special properties of canvas itself is the main reason why it's become so popular. Our custom canvas blend has a subtle texture and feel that gives photos an extra sense of classic character, and helps photos fit in to already existing cozy home decor you may have. 

Also, canvas printing makes decorating your home much more affordable and hassle free, eliminating the need to find matching expensive frames for each photo. 

Technology has made it so simple for anyone to upload their favorite photos and have them printed on canvas just a week later.

Where To Get Custom Canvas Prints

Canvas prints have the ability to help you treasure any feeling, scenery, or memory. The custom cotton blended canvas helps to preserve your favorite memories for decades to come. has created a seamless way for you to upload your photo, while our production team works behind the scenes to create a stunning canvas print. 

We have a few tips and time-savers to share with you to ensure a gallery-quality canvas print every time. 

Turning Your Picture Into A Canvas Print

Before you head to, it will be important to ensure you have a great picture to print. Whether you are printing a photo from a professional photographer, a favorite nature scene, or something from your phone’s camera roll, there are a few things you will want to check.

If you already have the photo, take a quick glance to ensure it is clear and there is no pixilation taking place. For print, your photograph should be between 72 PPI to 300 PPI. PPI stands for pixels per inch, which is how many little pixels each image is made out of. The higher the PPI, the higher quality the image will look upon printing. 

For images with low PPI, we suggest you add a fun filter over the image. A great example of this is the pop-art filter used in one of the photos on our Baby Photo Idea Gallery Page. This helps to cover the blurry image while still creating a fun canvas print.

If you have not yet taken the picture, be sure to use a device with a quality camera. This can be anything from a modern smartphone to a DSLR camera. We’ve included some top tips to get a perfect photograph for your canvas prints. 

  • For iPhones, use a model 7 or higher
  • Set the camera to High Definition Resolution (All iPhones from the iPhone 4 and newer have this option)
  • Use portrait mode on iPhones
  • Adjust the brightness of the photograph before you take the image
  • Take photos after the morning golden hour or right before the evening golden hour
  • Position the photograph so that the sun is behind the camera 
  • Don’t zoom in too much unless you have a special lens
  • Adjust the shutter speed, ISO, aperture, and focus if the device allows you to
  • Upload the original photo rather than downloading it from online or taking a screenshot

How To Print Pictures on Canvas

After you have the perfect photo, head over to From the homepage, click “Upload Your Photo” to get started. We have made this process as easy as possible so you can spend more time creating and capturing the beautiful memories that we print on canvas. 

Upon uploading your favorite photo, our system will recommend the best size for your canvas print based on the photo. Of course, you can still choose from our popular sizes and over 1,000 custom sizes

Once you have settled on a size, you will be brought to a popup where you can select any additional customizations. These customizations include:

  • Blind shipping. Our logo is removed from the packaging and the canvas print
  • Canvas depth. We offer a standard .75” canvas depth and a deluxe 1.5” gallery-style canvas depth
  • Hanging kit. All orders come with a pre-installed sawtooth hanger. Upgrade to the premium hanging kit for an extra sturdy hang
  • Image border. All prints are wrapped with a blurred border. You can upgrade to a white, black, grey, or mirror border
  • Next-day shipping. Next-day shipping means we will have your canvas print ready to ship the next day if ordered before 3 pm EST

Add to Cart/Checkout

After you have selected any customization options, you are ready to add the canvas print to your cart and checkout. Be sure to enter any discount code at this point. Enter your billing and shipping information and select your shipping option.

After your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number. Our team will immediately get to work printing your wonderful photos to canvas. Once they have completed the canvas, you will receive another email with your tracking information. 

How We Turn Your Pictures Into Canvas

After we have received your order, your photo will be entered into our queue. This process starts with our pre-press team lining your photo up in the correlating printing template. They’ll try their best to let you know if the image wasn’t centered upon upload so that we can get that fixed before printing. 

Once our pre-press team has reviewed the photo, the template is sent to our printing department to print the image onto our custom cotton blended canvas. We use a state-of-the-art Epson S60600L 60" Production Presses along with PrintFactory custom color calibration system to give life-like balances to your photos and illustrations. This printer packs each print full of lasting colors that are water-resistant on our sizes up to 18” x 24”. 

Upon completion of the print, it is sent to our custom in-house frame shop. This team builds each frame to order using wood sourced from the southern United States, the cherry on top for a 100% American made product. After the frame is perfected, the canvas is stretched over the frame using an advanced automated framing machine

This process ensures there will be no pressure cracks or loose canvas prints. Finally, the canvas print is wrapped in 100 gauge shrink wrap and packaged carefully with corner protectors. This means your print is ready to be shipped and will be to you in no time. 

Turning photos into pictures on canvas is the perfect way to celebrate your favorite moments without spending loads of money. Our gallery-quality canvas prints are American made with love and highly-rated by folks just like you. Ready to join thousands of happy customers? Start your custom canvas prints order here

Canvas Collages

One of our most customizable products, canvas photo collages are a great way to tell a story with multiple photographs, all in one place. Our easy online collage designer makes it simple and easy to select one of our 8 collage designs, and showcase up to 16 photos affordable and elegantly, all on one gallery quality canvas print. 

How to Clean a Canvas Print

When you order from, you'll be receiving a canvas print that will last a lifetime. On top of our durable cotton blended canvas, and kiln-cured pinewood frames, we also use water resistant inks! This means that your canvas can survive any mild peril that it may come across.

If you ever come across the unfortunate situation where you need to clean your canvas print, just gently wipe any dirt, dust, or debris away with a slightly damp cloth. Your print will look just as good as the day you hung it up! 

Display Your Nature Prints on Canvas

Our state of the art printing technology and premium materials will make your photos from your favorite hikes and views look vibrant and lifelike, with rich colors and impeccable image quality. Bring your favorite view home with you and appreciate it each and every day with 

How To Hang Canvas Prints 

Once your new canvas is at your door, you're ready to complete the final and most exciting step! All of our canvases come standard with a sturdy sawtooth hanging kit. Simply grab a hammer and a nail/screw, and insert into the desired hanging spot on your wall. Then gently slide the sawtooth over the nail!

Be sure to take a step back and ensure that your canvas is level, and have a friend take a look too! We recommend hanging your canvas above and aligned with other pieces of furniture in the room to maintain visual balance. All that's left to do is humbly (or not) show off your brand new custom canvas!