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Are Canvas Prints Worth It?

Canvas prints are a great option for decorating your space

We get asked this question all the time. And while to us, “Yes”, seems like the perfect answer, we understand why more details are needed. A high-quality canvas print can bring more life to almost any room, and you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at how personalized wall art can be both exciting and economical.


In the last few years, prices for custom photo canvas prints have drastically dropped. This is due to companies like improving the canvas printing process. A gallery-quality canvas print can range from as little as $5 to a few hundred dollars depending on size. But for a medium-sized canvas print, you do not need to spend over $40. uses a few main tactics to bring prices down.


When ordering from, you do not need to worry about receiving a cheap canvas print. Although the price is cheap, the quality is extremely high and used around the country for many businesses, museums, galleries, and homes.

The secret to this quality lies in the finest materials handcrafted by true craftsmen. From the second your order is received, our team works around the clock to ensure an impeccable canvas print. Here are the ways our quality shines:

Size has eliminated the stress of trying to find the perfect canvas size for your photo by creating our recommended size feature. Upon uploading your photo, our software will determine the best-sized canvas print for your photo based on the image size.

This helps to reduce the chances of your print turning out blurry if too large of a size is selected. Need a specific size for your space? No need to worry. We offers over 1,000 size combinations bound to fit almost any space. 


If you have scoured the web for hours looking for the perfect print design for your space, only to find they don’t have the size you need, you are not alone. It can be so frustrating to think you found the perfect size only to find out they want you to pay $100 for a small 8” x 8” print. has done away with both of these issues by allowing tons of customization options all at an affordable price point. We love getting to bring your favorite personal memories to print, from family photos to abstract art. Some of our most popular prints fall into these categories:

The affordability, personalization, and customization of canvas prints make it a very desirable form of wall art. The quality of our canvas prints is nearly unparalleled for the price and customer service received.

We understand that these moments are precious to you, so we will always work hard to ensure our prints make for a wonderful representation of your memories. If you have any further questions to help determine if a canvas print is right for you, please visit our FAQ page or reach out to us via our contact form.