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Canvas Pictures

Canvas is a material that has been dated back to its first artistic use during the 14th century. Since then, the material has been refined and canvas pictures have become one of the most popular interior design trends.

Canvas pictures are a versatile and customizable home decor piece. They offer affordability without compromising quality.


Canvas Pictures


Canvas pictures are a unique way to display your favorite family pictures, pet portraits, passions, and home or business decor. They breathe new life into any space and provide an artistic update to a room. Visit our idea gallery for great ideas for your next home decor project with canvas pictures.

What Is A Canvas Picture? 

Canvas pictures are a great way to spruce up a room. An image is printed onto canvas and stretched over a frame resulting in a ready to hang canvas picture. The image is printed from an inkjet printer directly onto the canvas. Different canvas printing companies use different types of printers and inks when creating canvas prints.

We have found that the best combination of inks, printers, and canvas material starts with 100% American made materials. During the printing process, we use a state-of-the-art inkjet press that can print up to 20,000 canvases every day. The feature that instantly dries our canvas prints allows us to retain almost all of the ink resulting in a canvas picture with descriptive colors. In fact, when a canvas picture is printed with aqueous inks rather than solvent inks up to 40% of inks are lost during the printing process.

Canvas pictures are typically frameless and wrapped around a hidden frame. The wood used in these frames is sourced from the southern United States. Our framing technicians build each frame to order and carefully stretch each custom cotton blended canvas over the frame. An advanced automated framing machine is used in this process to help the technician get the perfect amount of tension on the print before it is secured to the frame. 

Canvas prints have a more artistic feel than traditional framed prints, mounted prints, and acrylic prints. A mounted print is a paper print that has been mounted on a wood backing board. An acrylic print is a paper print that has been placed between two sheets of plexiglass. A traditional framed print is a paper print that has been framed with wood and glass. These are often much heavier and more expensive than canvas pictures. 

What Is Canvas Material?

Traditionally, canvas was made from hemp or flax and then primed so that paint could be applied. However, in modern times, canvas is made of polyester or cotton. There are a couple of main differences between cotton canvas and polyester canvas. The materials differ in price and the saturation of color. 

First, looking at the color, cotton blended canvas has better saturation than polyester canvas does. With custom cotton blended canvas, solvent inks can soak into the cotton fibers, whereas polyester only allows ink to sit on the top of the canvas. Using cotton canvas in the printing process results in a better finished product that will last for decades to come. 

Custom cotton blended canvas pictures are of higher quality and made of the same material that you would find in a gallery. This is the reason we call our canvas prints gallery-quality. Polyester is a cheaper material that is often used in less-desirable canvas prints. Although this saves some money upfront, you will find yourself with a faded canvas print just a few short years after you first hang it. 

Framed Prints VS. Canvas Prints

A lot of time, effort, and sometimes money goes into creating the perfect print of your photograph. It is important to hire a professional company for either style of print so that the final print represents the photograph beautifully. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, canvas prints are able to offer a cheaper and often better-looking final product than a framed print can. 

Traditional framed prints are one of the most common photography mediums. Framed photographs have an aesthetic value that is widely accepted in the photography industry, while canvas pictures are more popular in the home decor industry. Due to the weight of traditional framed prints, there is a certain limitation on the size you can print, before you need to add extra support points in the wall. 

With traditional framed prints, a variety of paper thicknesses are used as well as different finishes. Matted prints create a more dramatic finish while glossy prints have a look that pops off the paper. Canvas prints can combine both of these finishes thanks to the material and ink type.

Canvas prints are much more versatile than framed prints. The frameless look allows canvas pictures to fit in easily with nearly any decor style. Additionally, the customization of the border style is beneficial for finding the perfect match for your space. Border styles such as blur, mirror, white, black, and grey are offered. Each of these border styles is timeless and modern.

With canvas pictures consisting of only three materials, the finished product is much lighter than a comparable sized framed print. This makes canvas pictures easy to hang in almost any spot. Additionally, the texture of a canvas print adds more color depth to the image. Finally, canvas prints do not have a glare or reflection since there is no glass or plastic cover installed over the print. 

Canvas Picture Layouts

With over 1,000 sizes offered it is easy to find the perfect sized canvas picture for your wall. Our online customization platform allows you to get an idea of what your canvas print will look like when you hang it on your wall. Here is a breakdown of some of the layouts we provide.

  • Square Canvas: We offer square sizes ranging from a shelf-sized 8” x 8” canvas picture to a mega 40” x 40” canvas picture. This wide range of sizes has something to fit all needs. 
  • Landscape Canvas: Many of our most popular canvas sizes are landscape. Landscape means the width will be longer than the height. Prints of this orientation fit best above couches and other places where there is limited ceiling height.
  • Portrait Canvas: Portrait canvas pictures have a longer height than they do a width. This orientation lends itself to sports pictures and home decor pieces.
  • Gallery Wall: A gallery wall is a combination of multiple sizes of canvas prints displayed together. This is great for family portraits and themed pictures.

Canvas Sizes

No size is better than the next when it comes to canvas pictures. The right size all depends on the layout of your space and your personal preferences. While we offer over 1,000 sizes, we’ve compiled some of the most popular sizes in each category below. For a full list of sizes, click here

Small Canvas Pictures

Small canvas pictures are perfect to display on a desk or hang with other canvas prints on the wall. Additionally, these prints are great for bathrooms thanks to our water-resistant inks. 

  • 8” x 8”: Our shelf-sized 8” x 8” canvas print is one of our most popular sizes. They are less than $12 and fit perfectly on any desk or shelf.
  • 8” x 10”: The 8” x 10” canvas print is our smallest landscape print currently available. This print is perfect for family portraits and fits great in small rooms. 
  • 10” x 8”: As the portrait version of our 8” x 10” canvas picture, the 10” x 8” print is perfect for a standalone print on a desk. Lean it back against the wall for a beautiful angled print.
  • 10” x 10”: The 10” x 10” canvas print is recommended for small hanging spaces. It is great as a home decor piece or as a pet portrait. 

Medium Canvas Pictures

The bulk of our popular sizes fall into the medium canvas pictures category. These are great for living rooms and bedrooms.

  • 11” x 14”: As one of our most popular sizes, the 11” x 14” print has great value. It is great for family portraits.
  • 12” x 18”: The 12” x 18” print is perfect for larger families. The 18-inch width helps to fit in your mom’s fourth cousin and all 10 grandchildren. 
  • 16” x 20”: Another of our very popular sizes, the 16” x 20” canvas picture fits perfectly above couches, dining room walls, and in living rooms.
  • 18” x 24”: The 18” x 24” is the largest of our medium-sized prints. The price fits perfectly into many budgets, just like the print does in many rooms. 

Large Canvas Pictures

Large canvas pictures make a statement. These are best for high definition photographs, as they show every detail of your image.

  • 8” x 40”: What this print lacks in height, it makes up for in width. The 8” x 40” canvas print is perfect for panoramic nature scenes from the mountains to the beach. 
  • 25” x 25”: Our 25” x 25” print steals the show by being just the right size for an entryway or large living room.
  • 32” x 40”: Bird lovers flock around this print. Its size is perfect for showing life-sized animals.
  • 40” x 40”: The 40” x 40” is our largest size. It makes a stunning piece for a grand entryway. 

How Put Put Picture On Canvas 

If you're looking for a way to get your own favorite photos printed onto canvas, CanvasPrints.com is the place to be. Just simply upload your picture, choose from options to customize your canvas, and relax. We use strictly premium, American made materials, and each print is assembled by our hard working production team here in Asheville, NC. You can order with confidence from CanvasPrints.com thanks to our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If your new canvas print doesn't blow you away, just let us know and we'll happily reprint it, or issue a full refund. 

Canvas pictures make for a perfect addition to your home or a stunning gift to your loved ones. Each print is handcrafted with love and 100% American made. Our solvent inks ensure your print will be around for years to come and our custom cotton blended canvas is packed full of deep and beautiful colors. 

Each print is fastened with a sawtooth bracket, so upon delivery you are ready to hang it. We stand behind the quality of our canvas prints and offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Start your canvas picture order by uploading your favorite photo and our team will take care of the rest.

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